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I just stumbled on this via New Images. Honestly, this looks like it's got amazing potential (better than the current incarnation of the anime article). Goes exactly in a direction you wouldn't expect it to. Should be cool to see when it's done. --CaptainSpam MUN PUTPBAA 02:41, 6 April 2007 (UTC)

Hey, thanks! I hope to finish it soon... --Wehpudicontok--Welcome to Vaporstory! 02:42, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

edit Notes on the article

  • I thank the author of Garrison Keillor; that was a similar idea.
  • Pronounce it like you would "amine." AN-EEM. Big accent on first syllable; little on second. "Animo" is uh-NEE-mo. On a related note, please forgive the presence of the word "animes." Had to be done, had to be done.
  • Someone needs to write an article on Shonen Jump. Now.
  • The idea of "diluted" linking to Adult Swim is that the anime are on so late at night, and surrounded by so many frankly strange shows, that they lose their anime punch, if you will, sort of like an acid dissolved in water.
  • I put Bleach in its own category partly to make a pun on the original word bleach (bleaches are typically bases in chemistry) and partly to bring attention to Monika's brilliance. As a great man once said, "[Bleach] will... go down as the one great anime article on Uncyclopedia."
  • There's supposed to be something along the lines of "acid = shounen, salt = shoujo" going on, but I may have messed that up. Please forgive me.

--Wehpudicontok--Welcome to Vaporstory! 03:29, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

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