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edit Say it ain't so

Hey Vosnul, time enjoying yourself is never wasted. It could be argued that wasting years on a qualification to be able to find a job that just makes someone else all the richer is the true waste of time. Bringing a smile to someone's face, even your own is a worthwhile use of your time and resources. Probably the trick is to do both.... :) -- Sir Mhaille Icons-flag-gb (talk to me)

Fuck no, This useless pile of flame and arbitrary intarweb politics is not worth my attention. Most people on here are simply raging hateful pieces of useless dumb crap, Who whould, by zoo standards, Be put to sleep when born. If I ever need some outlet egain, I'll visit a place where actual writing is going on with actual ideas and content with proper feedback and such. So bye, and please do something useful, kill this place.
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