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edit M.I.A.

edit M.I.A.

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for your visa?
“Gingers have no soul”
~ M.I.A. on Gingers
“A hand me down sucker throwing bombs out to mecca”
~ M.I.A. on herself

Mathangi Maya M.I.A. Galangalang Jimmy Arulpraorgasm Winston Ghandi is a Sri Lankan Blimey pop indie pregnant Harmonic Dissonance noise machine, "singer," wrapper fashion designer, and terrorist who aint got no visa.

edit Discography

edit Studio albums

  • Noise My VCR Made (2000)
  • Arukala makalaka (2005)
  • மாதங்கி (2007)
  • CENSORED (2010)
  • /\/\/\/\/><[]}/\/_=\/\<00>:))\/\ (2010)

edit Singles

  • Goldenshowers (1492)
  • Paper Planes at WTC (2001)
  • I'm not White (2001)
  • BoYzZ (featuring Diamond Minorities) (2007)
  • XXX (I Love Myspace) (2010)

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