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Hi, I made a poem, see? A Commie in My Closet.

Greetings. I added graphics and highlights to your poem, hope you like the "work in progress" (we could even potentially get a front-page feature from this, I'm laughing out loud as I work on it). I saw you had a few edits only after working on the page for awhile, at first I thought you were a one-hit and then run user. But hey, I hope you stick around and play with the site for awhile, you may like it. Thanks, Aleister in Chains Late night, MMX
You're welcome. I had a great deal of fun finding those pictures, and some of them were "perfect" to me, the Barbie on the doll house floor, the muslim woman, etc. As for main page, who knows, depends on sense of humor (or maybe someone just had to be there as the process went on, I laughed to myself quite a number of times thinking of what you or your friends would think when you came back and saw the graphics and format). The highlight page (see the "Votes for Highlight" on the left under 'community') has certain rules, and then people vote for front page articles. I'm almost tempted to put this one up, but I already have one that people will probably not vote for (Anne Hathaway) and nominated another one on the board. Hey,thanks again. See my page-in-progress "Welcome Party for Noobs!" for an incomplete "welcome to uncy" party (if you see your name on it it's not you, that's a template which shows the user's name, like this: <insert name here>. Enjoy, Aleister in Chains Never on Sunday, MMX

edit Pee Review

Hi, I noticed you pee-reviewed my Christian Bale article. While it's great that you are contributing to the pee review system, (one that is severely understaffed), it would be preferable if you wrote a review on the right review page. I assume that you intended to review Ireland. Another thing is that your review is quite short and doesn't really help them to fix their article. Try coming up with ideas to help them improve their article. If you need help doing pee-reviews, just refer to the Guidelines. Thanks again anyway. --Matfen 13:22, January 13, 2010 (UTC)

Hi, I saw you put this up for peer review (!?), and the guy slammed it. What bull on the pictures, I thought they were great choices, and they illustrate the poem which he somehow missed. I don't know what he was expecting, this is a poem (and maybe should be moved to the Unpoems category. Anyway, I think he was wrong about the graphics and links, and wonder what he was looking at when he reviewed the page. But it really shouldn't have gone there in the first place, that's for in-depth critiques of entire articles. Thanks again, Aleister in Chains Twelveth of never, MMX
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