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edit Under user

come see my User article it's REALLY funny

Who, what, where? SIGN YER POSTS! (And give me a link and I'll have a look). --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 16:52, 12 December 2007 (UTC)
Oh, right, your userpage. Oh crikey. Um... --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 16:53, 12 December 2007 (UTC)

edit Welcome

eahaehea, thanks for the willkommen. The High Society forgotten me. Auf wiedersen. Carver 14:07, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

edit An Embuggerance?

Terry Pratchett? Alzheimer's? How can this be?  Sir Skullthumper, MD (criticize  writings  SU&W) 17:39 Dec 13, 2007

I know, I saw that myself a short while back. But he appears to be taking the right approach to it, which is to accept that sooner or later, something would have caught up with him, and there's plenty left in him yet. I'm looking forward to Nation, hoping for a fitting send-off to Tiffany, and more beyond that. Have you seen the second statement he posted on Paul Kidby's site after the tidal wave of goodwill messages that engulfed him? There's still plenty of spark left in that cranium - no need for an Igor yet! --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 20:46, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

edit Pee Review

Many thanks! Do feel free to tidy up that image of the Pitbull and Hammer - the actual pub I based it on is beyond redemption - and I'll have a look at the prose when I'm not so knackered, taking your comments into account.

Gring Thankyou!
Please accept my delightful ring

From Rabbi Techno

RabbiTechno 19:10, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

edit "American Dream" VFH

That 'obscure lyric' is from "The Pretty Faces" by Warrior Soul. Now where's my free prize!?! --YeOldeLuke 03:12, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

Well done, free prize coming up when my birthday is over and I have time to make one! --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 15:59, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

edit chengzy to under user

hi, have rewritten Battle of Stalingrad. turns out i did not save my article. So the shit that you saw was not my work. Anyway, i have given u the shout. So can u please fufil my image requests? Thanks. chengzy

No worries, I'll have a look and see when my birthday is over and I have time to make stuff! --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 15:59, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

edit Oops, nearly forgot

GoldenShower Rejoice, Under user! You have been entitled to the
Golden Shower Award
For donating high quality material to the Pee Review.

edit Have a not-shitty Christmas!

WinterBreakCalendar Heya, The Led Balloon here, wishing you merry Christmas, or any other holiday you feel like celebrating. Just remember what it's all really about: NO WORK, NO SCHOOL, FREE STUFF!!!
Here's to hoping your school(or work) calendar for December doesn't look too much like this...

Merry Christmas, - P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 00:24, Dec 17

Christmasbeerbottletree AE has awarded you a beer in which you help build your own Christmasbeerbottletree (shown right)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
--Æ 01:38, 17 December 2007 (UTC)
Christmas tree HEY LOSER! Here's another semi-personalized (that's a lie) Merry Christmas template to add to the overwhelming pile you've got building up on your talk page right now. Have a Merry Christmas, or I'll come over there and make you have a Merry Christmas.
If you don't already have a pile of these building up, you're a hopeless loser that nobody on Uncyclopedia likes...sorry.

Yours truly, RAHB

Happy Holidays, or some such. -RAHB 03:39, 17 December 2007 (UTC)

edit Christmas and stuff

Evil santa Merry Christmas!
or whatever it is you
new-fangled Christians do at this
time of year.
From Rabbi Techno

Christian? I'll have you know I'm one of those old fashioned, evil, godless Atheists who are going to burn in one version of hell or another. Thanks for the template though. --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 12:39, 20 December 2007 (UTC)

edit awesome

Bakedak You are presented with one (1) serving of delicious flaming
Baked Alaska in thanks for your vote for Alaska.
Extreme caution should be used when making, eating,
or igniting Baked Alaska. And be sure to keep Uncle Leo's
oxygen tank at least 30 meters away.

enjoy! --SirGerrycheeversGunTalk 00:32, 18 December 2007 (UTC)

edit again...

thanks for the hans blix image, it was again exactly what i was looking for. --SirGerrycheeversGunTalk 19:33, 20 December 2007 (UTC)

edit Thanks!!

edit Good day Sir

I wonder if you would check your vote on Uncyclopedia:VFH/Literary dedications(2) it appears to be in the wrong box. Did you vote against this? I'm not sure if the score is correct. Whatever is going on here, as a relative N00b don't really want to mess with moving peoples votes around. Thanks. MrN Icons-flag-gb HalIcon.png WhoreMrn.png Fork you! 23:30, Dec 22

Yup, my abstain is in the right place, the comments box. Dallasallad below me is in the wrong place, as he's voting against. Have a word with him. Pip pip! --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 09:00, 23 December 2007 (UTC)

edit Joyous victory for political correctness!

WinterBreakCalendar The Led Balloon thanks you for keeping our school systems politically correct to the point of absurdity.
But really, does anyone care?

Thanks for voting, - P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 23:28, Dec 23

edit Merry Xmas!

~ Merry Xmas Under user/Archive 4! ~

--YeOldeLuke 08:00, 26 December 2007 (UTC)

edit awesome

You are presented with one (1) package of
Red Baron French Bread PizzaTM for your vote for
that article involving flying things..
Please note that Red Baron microwaveable pizzasTM
may cause loss of altitude or engine failure.

enjoy!--SirGerrycheeversGunTalk 18:55, 31 December 2007 (UTC)

edit UU

I'm the real U.U.!!-- 19:51, 31 December 2007 (UTC)
I'm Spartacus! Slim Shady! Brian, and so is my wife! going for a lie down... --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 09:00, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Thanks

--Æ 00:36, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Hummmm

Sir Ljlego, GUN VFH FIYC WotM SG WHotM PWotM AotM EGAEDM ANotM + (Talk) 23:28, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

Pfft. Vote counts? Down with democracy, say I! --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 09:53, 2 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Thanks for the review

Of my little news article. It was helpful. Pieface 04:05, 4 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Join the Klan, Save the Land, Comrade




Dear Under user/Archive 4

Workers' Party Member Unknown user has invited you to join the Workers' Party and help the revolution be the best it can be! Without many members being of helping the site, we cannot be of big helpings to site and users, such as the have of unfree that are of need of negotiations with admins for unbanning and such. We are also of giving free hats to all members, amnesty coverage, healthcare, and if you makeway into Inner Party, you get face on Valjuta. Valjuta allow purchasing of great products on Uncyclopedia from the Worker's Party and the Uncyc Store, and you are of getting them when you are joining. You can even deposit Valjuta for Yoinxx and help party drive Valjuta inflation down so that you can buy more.

Stop rebellion. Help the newcomers. Fix the site. Negotiate your Uncyclopedia friends. Buy stuff. Kill the brotherhood. Don't forget Miss Unsoc!



Unknown user

You have shown yourself as a worthy contributor to unc and have the skills and experience to help make uncyclopedia a better place. I joined. Why don't you, comrade?--Blueflatcapsig Sir Unknown User (Talk : Cont : VFH : PEE : CUN) Jan 5 20:08

Thanks, also-UU, but I'm not really interested in UNSOC, the Grue Army, NOFU or any of those thingies. I try to do my bit to help make Uncyc a better place anyway, and nothing's gonna change that until I get bored or my boss blocks my access to the site, so why bother? If you enjoy it, good luck, and keep helping out! --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 10:22, 6 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Thanks for proofreading

Thanks for proofreading the UnNews Bush/Israel article. I'm not a native English speaker so I normally add the proofreading template to my work, just in case. Cheers! NaturalBornKieler 15:10, 9 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Horncolio

No, it's cool. I didn't put excruciating work into it, if I did I would be yelling on the forums right now. I kept forgetting to put it into userspace too, fault. In the meantime, I'd like you to possibly let me know how User:Heck no techno/Jordin Sparks is doing? It's not finished. I still have a couple sections to add to it (though by the time you read it, they might be there). Kitty!Heck no techno | chitchat | stuff.. Argh

Well I was going to, but it seems like it's just been reviewed. Let me know if you want a second opinion, but I figure you have plenty to be going on with from that review as it is! --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 09:15, 11 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Enjoy!

Modernwoodencondom There you go son!

It's now your turn to take the good ol' family wooden condom. It's been in my family for years, passed through the generations. Slip it on boy, its your's now! Wear it with pride!

The UnIdiot would like to thank you for voting his article to the front page!

edit Sorry I'm late

Enjoy your late thankin'.

SnowySnow The Led Balloon thanks you for helping him to spread awareness of the plight of Ogle.
Beware the white stuff!

- P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 04:15, Jan 14

edit Review

Thanks for the review. I fixed the italics and amended one of the quotes. If you know of anyone who is a Seinfeld fan, then give them a nudge in my direction. I'll go fishing for one in the meantime. -- 15Mickey20 (talk to Mickey)  19:04, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

edit GTFO!

OMG what a dumbass I am! Here are my beloved belated breasteses, just for you...

Bouncing boobs 288x192

Thanks for voting my tits to the front page. -Zana Dark

Awesome! /me sits back and enjoys the show. --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 10:31, 18 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Why?:Wear clothes 3 sizes too small

Hi, would you mind doing a good review on Why?:Wear clothes 3 sizes too small and will it be VFH worthy one day you think? Thanks--Æ 20:08, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

Wow, I was shocked with the length of the review. That was above a review following UN:PRG. Here, you deserve this:
GoldenShower Rejoice, Under user! You have been entitled to the
Golden Shower Award
For donating high quality material to the Pee Review.
--Æ 21:41, 19 January 2008 (UTC)
Thanks. I was shocked with it myself! --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 21:46, 19 January 2008 (UTC)
On an unrelated note, I'm glad you wrote a new article. I really liked your past writings--Æ 21:47, 19 January 2008 (UTC)
Thanks! Yeah, well, all I've got to do is finish the bugger! Not now though, now is the time for a couple of games on Pro Evo before the missus returns. Nighty night! --Sir Under User (Hi, How Are You?) VFH KUN 21:52, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Thanks for the vote

769531427 447c16605d GopherKiller has given you a free ticket to ride Superman Tower of Bloody Severed Legs for voting on UnNews:Six Flags to sell severed legs in gift shop.

Have Fun! Remember, avoid those rednecks at all costs. They want your legs.--GopherKiller Questions? Comments?Icons-flag-us 14:51, 20 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Thanks for the image!

--Æ 22:23, 22 January 2008 (UTC)

edit Thank you for your indulgence

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