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edit Siggy

Joker? I see they let you out of Arkham Asylum again. One of these days they're going to listen to me about that...

The trick with the /sig is to find the precise location of your uploaded image and enter that as a "plainlinks" <span> URL. For that, you'd go to the image's page, click on the image itself, and that should take you to the original - then, choose "Properties," and that should show you the actual file location, which you can paste into the code you already have.

The important thing is that the image should be the right size to begin with. I guess maybe you could size it in the HTML code (I haven't tried that), but that would just increase download times and give you mucho compression artifacts.

I (or someone else) might eventually write this up as a Help: page, but I'm actually unsure as to whether or not this is frowned upon. I guess not, since they haven't asked me to stop using mine, but that thing is only about 4K. Anyway, have fun! --Some user 04:41, 27 February 2006 (UTC)

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