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edit This is where stuff would be if you were talking to me.

It's true. If you were talking to me, you'd be saying something.

(Please. I'm still new here.)

edit Your article

I restore a copy to your userspace here. You can work on it there safe in the knowledge it won't get deleted unless you ask for it to be. As to the timing - hey, the {{construction}} tag is the one to blame there, you don't edit for a week, it comes up on a list for deletion. There's no way it can send you an email when that happens that I know of. As long as your page is watchlisted, you should hear when a page is deleted, and admins can always restore deleted stuff like I just did. To be honest though, most of the time if someone's left an article for a week, they've disappeared and we never hear from them again anyway! Regardless, there's your page, have fun with it, and when it's done, have a word with me about moving it back to mainspace. Good luck! --UU - natter UU Manhole 08:09, Jul 9

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