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edit Welcome!

Frying pan crop

Soon you shall have your own frying pan, to do with what you will. Me, I like hitting people with them, but usually only when they deserve it... oh, relax. I ain't going to hit you. Probably.

Greetings and well met, TashaXTheXCrime. This is your semi-official but not overly so welcome to Uncyclopedia, subsequent to the fact that you have apparently contributed something, for which you have our thanks. Probably. Just, as they say... "Don't be teh vandal kthx", and you'll be fine.

I do hope you find this madhouse to your liking; there is, after all, always room for new faces. If not, the door's right over there, and you may let yourself out at any point.

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Again, welcome!  ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101114 - 02:32 (UTC)

edit Escape The Fate

This is a quick article to make you realize, even a screamo band is way more fucking hardcore then you! AND THEY WEAR EYELINER!!! I mean you think your cool, you have your preppy look, or your gay goth clothes, but as it turns out this emo band kicks your ass!

edit Where is all Started

So once there were these two guys, Max Maxwell Scott Green and Ronnie Ronald Joseph Radke, they were best buds, and kind of stoners. One day while trying to Start a band, little did they realize, they both sucked ass at playing. They were great stand alone, but together...I'd rather rip my own ears off. But back to the story, so they want to have this awesome band and as it turns out their music is something that the future needs and helps make it awesome, so they are liek gods int he future...weird o.O! But they were still in highschool and were failing histroy, their entire grade was on one project! So to save the future band and awesomeness of the future, David Hasselhoff traveled back in time with Chuck Norris in a phone booth, which was reallt cramped. They found Bill and Te-er I mean Ronnie and Max and they gave them the time travel thingy, so they could go and get info about all of the cool history dudes! which they do, and they gather them just intime to give there lesson, which they made a cool rock show. Then for no reason Ronnie looked and Max and said "Dude, where Bryan been all this time?" Turns out he was fighting ninjas to be back in Las Vegas, but thats another story. Then they decided to get some friends and make a band, they called it Escape the Fate!


So they get famous with songs like Situations, Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche, and No Sympathy for the Dead. They had a few songs and albums before the CD Dying is your latest fashion, but no one gave a shit! Then after a bunch of success the Max guy started trash talking people, now he's the size of your little sister/brother/tranny so him fighting is liek watching youre dog tear up a rag doll. HE GET BEAT DOWN DOWN DOWN! Wow I swear there in an echo here here here here HURR YEAH MAN WHAT O.K.! LIL' JON WHERE'D YOU COME FROM! Son of a bitch you drank my crunjk juice I'll kill you (editor will be back soon till then think of dancing fat men in bikinis) I'M BACK! (Lil Jon Is NO MORE MUAHAHAHAHAHA) er i mean yes, so this kid wants start fights, and the lead singer Ronnie, he is pretty tough for a really tall emo looking skinny guy! So when Max starts trash talking a fight broken out bang boom special effects and some guy winds up DEAD! Then Ronnie gets put on probation, this is where it gets fucked in the head yo!

edit DRUGS!

"You know whats Like a drug? Peanut butter, you know whats more like a drug? Drugs" So Ronnie is being watched by the cops alot, can't leave the state, B.S. liek that. So tours and live shows all cancelled. But either way they were all havin' fun partying and Max the shit disturber brought DRUGS around. Ronnie was liek "Dude, if we get busted I go to jail." "It's ok man, if you go to jail I'll say my bad, it was my bad take me to jail too." Ronnie didn't realize little emo kids are fucking LIARS! But he thought he'd really stick by him! But one day a girl asked for drugs, Ronnie went to give her drugs. Ronnie gets caught, bad Ronnie go to Jial now! And Max Punched Omar, their rythm guitarist, in the face...just because! So after Omar left Max mad Ronnie went to jail, even though it was basically Max's fuck up, he told Ronnie was out of the band. Shitty Luck!

edit After teh Break up

Ronnie is still in jail, He gets out Dec.18th 2010, GO RONNIE! Max snorts cocain off of hookers boobs every night and never loses sleep from replacing Ronnie with some guy Craig Mabbit, who looks liek a bad version of Ronnie. Omar, well no one has seen him since (I think he was eaten by Chinese people) and the rest of the band just goes with everything else.

edit Ronnie's revenge

Ronnie is with a new band, they will record once he is out of jail, and dude they are way better then the las tband!

edit How all of this makes the screamo Band better then you

Quite easily actually, do you have millions of dollars and stripper wanting to blow you every night and hot girls that would do anything just to touch your arm let alone go to bed with you? Do you have the ability to serve a drug/assult/issues with some dude dying charges and have teh ability to serve 2 years then say "FUCK YOU I WILL NOT SIT HERE ANY LONG FOR I GOT MY RELEASE PAPERS...BITCH!? No you don't and you never will, and so this gay screamo band (Which I hate to say I don't find gay) KICK YOUR ASS! Bitch! Also They are hotter then you!

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