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MY name is a nice one i suppose but random to say the least, actually, scrap that last bit, its a brilliant name, its tom, just the word tom, who doesn't love that name, if you dont you are a retarded noob who sucks his own dick on the weekends when his mum won't do it for him, if you want to find out aboout why it sucks to be a noob i'll make a new page at some point when im not chasing the fat little portugese kid from accross the road with a stick.

Also if you think about editin this page it shows you clearly have no life and is a saddistic cunt :D

edit Category Issue

I removed the non-existent categories form your userpage. Category links to those messes up the wiki. --Mn-z 03:09, December 20, 2009 (UTC)

i was wonderin y the pages dint exist no more

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