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Lovely arc

awwww!!! :D bless ur lil cotton socks.

don't blame Insineratehymn, to the untrained eye my recent edit could be classed as drivel or rubbish :D

personally I blame the wine! --Ceridwyn 07:17, 4 December 2006 (UTC)

Hehe. I figured someone would see your edits and revert them thinking they were vandalism sooner or later. But don't worry, they're safe as long as I can still edit here! Spang 07:56, 4 Dec 2006
Hmmm, edits which appear to be vandalism but are in fact, not! Sounds like a new power to me... --Ceridwyn 08:00, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
Ooh, that power sounds mighty trifling... Spang 08:01, 4 Dec 2006
NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not..../gasp....TRIFLING! I'm just /hitched breath not...ready for trifling powers, because with them comes.../pained look...trifling responsibilities! --Ceridwyn 08:06, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
So tempted to change that hatehate template just to the hate one :P oh and i got a nice random this refresh:
"I have often been described as "somewhat similar to a belittling cuddly toy". I once liked to sniff stuff, but since You constructed George Washington, I now mostly earn squids." --Ceridwyn 08:23, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
You may not think it, but I think you're ready now. You just have to believe in yourself, man, and the trifling power will come with it!
Yeah, the random thing can be pretty good sometimes :) And funnily enough, I do mostly earn squids now. Weird.
Hey, how about adding both, right next to each other? There's some contradictory fun right there! Plus I do hate myself. And, I'm already in both the male users and female users categories, so more things that don't make sense can't hurt! Spang 08:30, 4 Dec 2006
Hmmmm both WOULD be hilarious, I think I shall... yeah I did notice the ambiguous/androgynous group membership there.
As for the squids I guess you are right! I didn't think of quids-squids, just actual squid-squids. thoughts of a template are blossoming.
RE:being ready for trifling power, I'm still not convinced, and technically that should read: "You just have to believe in yourself, woman, and the trifling power will come with it!" but then who am I to quibble with s/he who aligns themselves with both genders. All I know is I'm not you, nor am I Mhaille (yes, days of musing on this topic have assured me on both counts.) --Ceridwyn 08:43, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
I actually meant actual squids. It was a lie though. It also would be a lie in the money-making sense too, but I can always pretend.
Oh, and I meant "man" in the hippy way, the kinda non-gender specific way. Saves me typing two extra letters! I'm lazy in a very complicated way. I'm sure you'll know when you're ready for trifling power... best stick with the trivial for now then, until you're ready for the trifling responsibility!
And I'm glad you're not me or Mhaille, no offence to mhaille, but that Spang's eeevil. Spang 09:05, 4 Dec 2006
In the interests of aesthetics I've decided to undent one edit at a time so this forms a lovely arc back around.
Earning actual squids would be awesome. I wish I was. I'm not earning either sadly.
The irony of being too lazy to type "wo" is that now you've had to type much more than 2 letters in the explanation/defense of the lack thereof. Take that hippy!
I think given the appropriate amount of time I may be ready, but as I apparently can't be trusted to use the Move button and therefore right yet another trivial wrong, I can't see that that time has arrived.
I too am glad, I heard that everyone hates Spang. Even Spang does, according to his user page. Maybe I still could be Mhaille? --Ceridwyn 09:19, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
Heh, talk page aesthetics sounds like another trivial power to me!
I imagine getting paid in squid would be all fun until you decide you need to eat, and you can't cook said squid because the power companies don't take squid as payment. And squid don't pay the rent neither!
I did say I was lazy in a complicated way! That includes believing that the time saved missing out 2 letters is worth the many more explaining that, and the more explaining my special laziness. Totally worth it.
Yes, in time you'll be ready... though I think the move power will be granted very soon, unless I'm very much mistaken.
I'm pretty sure you're not mhaille now, as your userpage tells me you hate users who hate me, and he definitely doesn't do that! So I think you're safe there for now... Spang 18:29, 4 Dec 2006
If you were to build a fire out of dried quid (possibly last months pay check, this months is too fresh still, and we'l be using that later...) and cook the more fresh squid, for example this months pay (see!) atop the fire, then one could consume the charred flesh of the fresher squid, providing important nutrients and proteins in a process also known as eating.
I'd say thats more than 'complicated' I'd go so far as to say that laziness of this caliber warrants the title 'sophisticated.'
Well technically, I didn't put that there, I asked for EITHER the I hate users who hate Spang tag OR the I hate Spang tag. You can blame Tooltroll for that one. Technically he could put it on Mhaille's page too, which voids your argument for why I am in fact not Mhaille. --Ceridwyn 22:39, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
Wow, this eating sounds fun. But I'm not sure the squid would like it.
Aha, I like "sophisticated laziness". I'd make myself some kind of award, but, y'know, I'm too lazy.
This is interesting... perhaps you are actually Tooltroll? Or any number of other people? Maybe you should go on one of those self-discovery things, and let me know when you find out. Spang 06:24, 5 Dec 2006
Whether the squid enjoys it or not is neither here nor there, the squid was payment, it is nought more than a form of currency. Its feelings are irrelevant.
You know, I had no such questions about my identity prior to coming here, I think you all want to confuse me. I know who I am. But I'm not telling :P Anyway, I can't be Trolltoll if you look at the evidence, he edited my user-page, and I have sworn an vow to not edit my user-page, so I can't be him, unless schizophrenia or alternate accounts create loopholes in the vow.
I'm considering making you a sophisticatedly lazy award, but I'm terribly busy writing my piece on Kralnor so can't right now :P
Maybe I'll just pinch a different award and change the words? --Ceridwyn 21:31, 5 December 2006 (UTC)
Well, so long as the squid go peacefully, I'm sure I could live with it.
Yes, confusing you has been my aim all along. Soon you'll be more confused than you've ever been, and then I can brainwash you. I haven't decided what for yet, but it will be decidedly evil, no doubt.
I love awards, I'll do anything for one. And stealing another award and just changing the words I think is appropriately lazy for an award for laziness!
And that kralnor article is coming along nicely! Looking good so far. Spang 04:08, 6 Dec 2006
Oh noes, only one more un-dent left before we have to begin re-denting!
You may help the squids along however you please, but it does modify the flavour somewhat unfortunately.
I'm certain your nefarious schemes to brainwash me shall not succeed sir for i gird my brains with cheese.
As for awards I have some ideas, but as mentioned earlier, Kralnor is taking up all my time.
On that note, do you really think it has potential? I think its becoming awfully long, but I am very proud of my "not at Wikipedia" template! Its veritably squee-worthy!
If you can think of any suggestions or tips for it, please feel free to leave them on its talk page! I would be most honoured!
My main concern with it at this stage is when is it ready to be moved into main article space. I'm rather nervous about my first article being ridiculed =/ --Ceridwyn 04:27, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

Aha! I got back to the margin first! I think I should win something. Maybe squid. Although undenting past the left hand side is technically possible, it might not be a good idea. How do you know my brainwashing scheme doesn't take the cheese into account? Or perhaps uses it in some way? Or maybe I'm just saying that so you no longer trust the cheese? My powers of confusion are strong, you see.

As for Kralnor, I don't play WoW, so I know next to nothing about the subject, so I don't know if I could help with the content. I can offer general editing tips though. It is pretty long, so make sure to keep the readers interested through it. Maybe some pictures if possible. Don't worry about it being ridiculed, I pretty sure it won't be :) Take a look at some of the new pages we get, and you'll see that yours is already like 100 times better than the majority of those already! Spang 05:02, 6 Dec 2006

Congratulations to you for being the official first recipient of the Squid Award!, although we probably could have worked out who would hit the margin again first from the time I started un-denting :P still its award worthy. you award whore you!
Your powers of confusion are indeed strong, but this cheese is blue cheese, so you must try harder than that!
I don't think that not-playing WoW should be a problem when it comes to Kralnor, his teachings have wisdom we can all benefit from :D anyway the bulk of the content is made up really. only the three posts he wrote aren't, the rest is gibberish either by me or other nutty warlock types, so i think anyone should be able to read along with it. as for the length im struggling to see where i could cut it down, so ill resort to adding more pictures in an attempt to keep the flow going, probably once i have finished the text though. Thanks for the compliment, even if the others are shite, it makes me feel better that at least mine is 100 times better than shite! --Ceridwyn 23:47, 6 December 2006 (UTC)
Hooray! An award for me! My day is made. Thanks!
Aha, my confusion is working already! Because that cheese is green.
As for Kralnor, I shall try to apply his wisdom to my life as best as I can. I don't think you need to cut the article down as long as it keeps people's interest which it probably will do. And being at least 100 times better than shite is more than most people manage in their whole time here! Spang 09:02, 7 Dec 2006
Glad my meagre award made your day. I'm considering making a little "This user" template too for your growing number of categories to belong to.
"as long as it keeps people's interest which it probably will do" /gasp! That would indicate that you didn't stay up all night feverishly devouring the details of Kralnor's Simultaneously Third and Fourth Gospels! or reading about the Minor Prophets! What about "Winning converts to Kralnoricism" ?! Blasphemer! ;P
Just think, What Would Kralnor Do? and remember, don't report him, he might get in trouble! :)
--Ceridwyn 22:03, 7 December 2006 (UTC)
Heh, that's ok. I haven't made my own award to give, but I may make one up sometime, for starting this nice arc shaped conversation.
Sorry, most of my time is taken up with worshipping satan, which is a lot more time consuming than one would think. I have hardly any time these days to read about other people. Perhaps I will consider converting to Kralnoricism, though Satan may not like that. Spang 04:29, 9 Dec 2006
The arc is indeed coming along quite nicely, no award necessary, just the lovely shape of it is reward enough. As for being busy, thats understandable, The Big Red Guy must be a demanding boss at this time of year, no wait, wrong big red guy. He may not like it, but surely in the interests of research he wouldn't mind? In the immortal words of Zach de la Rocha; "Yeah! Know your enemy! Come on!" --Ceridwyn 05:21, 9 December 2006 (UTC)
A beautiful arc it is. Oh, both the big red guys are in fact the same guy. Ever wondered why the names were so similar? It's all part of a smear campaign by this hippy Jesus dude, just because he didn't get any presents for being bad one year. But I shall do my best to apply the teachings of Kralnor to my life, and also the teachings of Rage Against the Machine. Spang 02:53, 11 Dec 2006
Ah, it all becomes clear now, I had always suspected their involvement...And I'm sure Kralnor would approve of RATM as medititive music. so long as you LOOK IT OVER. Can't think of anymore to say, too tired! --Ceridwyn 04:07, 11 December 2006 (UTC)
I can't think of anything more to add to this conversation other than the fact that I want to keep this lovely arc going, so that it might one day turn into a wave. Which would be cool. Spang 01:21, 20 Dec 2006
Me either really :D Perhaps we need new topics to discuss? The squid seem to be exhausted now... --Ceridwyn 06:20, 20 December 2006 (UTC)
Yes, the squid are probably quite finished now. They should work on their stamina or something. As for what topics to discuss to keep this arc going, I have no idea. Maybe we could discuss the economic climate in Peru, or maybe tell tales of past adventures in exotic far away places, or maybe talk about the weather. The possibilities are surely endless! Spang 04:07, 21 Dec 2006
Trying to see just HOW far I can push the arc this time before it becomes ridiculous. Or am I attempting to rig the winning of the next margin contest? You be the judge! I'm not sure I know anything about the economic climate in Peru, and I haven't had many adventures in exotic far away places, unless London counts? But then again, had no adventures there. Umm, my parents took me round Europe when I was 3...and the weather here is lovely at the moment, looking forward to a barbie with some friends tomorrow! Noice one bro! --Ceridwyn 08:32, 5 January 2007 (UTC)
Heheh, well I'll let you choose when to undent it. Undenting must be one of those trivial powers I lack...
Well, the economic climate in Peru is going interestingly, I've been on hundreds of exciting adventures I could tell you about, and I made both of those things up. Although I am going to London for a bit this summer, and it should be very exciting. But those suggestions maybe weren't the best. The weather here is dull and dreary, but that's just normal here. We didn't even get snow over christmas :( Enjoy your barbie, I probably won't be able to have one of those until Scotland's three days of summer arrive, which is ages away! Spang 09:11, 5 Jan 2007
Wow this section really requires a lot of scrolling these days. I hope it doesn't break my poor mouse. Its so comfy and gamer-ly. Shame about the weather, its just lovely here. No purveying cherries isn't a euphemism, at least not in the context I used it, its my summer job =/ Really tiring and unexciting. But pays ok.
As for a lack of trivial powers, I would have thought that your admin powers would encompass and include all lesser powers also? Surely? (Yes I did just reply to at least two different sections in one post. Some of your lazy must have infected me.
Oh and, I forgot a couple of things, I thoroughly approve of the trademarked colour, in fact, I'm rather humbled by it all! I'd like to thank my manager..../forces out a fake tear and a giggle simultaneously. Also I LOVE the new rainbow sig! Are you SURE you're not a girl? Oh and you should SEE what my friend made me, a BINARY CLOCK! It definately surpasses sliced bread as the best thing ever. --Ceridwyn 10:01, 5 January 2007 (UTC)
Hmmm, perhaps a sub-header would be the next step? That seems a bit drastic though. At least your mouse would have broken for a good cause! We're used to weather like this here, it's pretty normal for it to be cold and wet and not very nice.
I think any other powers I have other than the admin ones must be somehow blocked out by the power of laziness I have. Which is fine by me really, it means I have less to do, which is always good.
Yes, you know you've come far in the world when you've got a colour named after you! As for my sig, I made it so it only shows like this on my talk page, because the random colour template was making it take ages to load up! So it's still the same old one everywhere else but here, but I quite like them both. And yes, I'm pretty certain that I'm a guy! I just liked the colourfulness of the old one, and a rainbow seemed appropriate for non-random colourness. Or something.
Surely a binary clock would be difficult to read? Well done to your friend for making one anyway! I have a backwards clock in my room, it confuses everyone who tries to read the time from it. Spang 02:36, 6 Jan 2007
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