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edit Structure

Okay guys, how should we tackle this in terms of article structure? I was thinking on building what Pelargonium had already started here, have the history section first. maybe have a famous products section featuring the arcade games, consoles, and franchises, and follow with a section outlining the information about the actual business? Be sure to chime in with your ideas --Sir Skinfan13 Talk {< CUN RotM FBotM VFH ΥΣΣ Maj. SK >} 17:32 EST 15 Mar, 2010

Sounds good. And maybe we can be more freeform than IC, and let the creative juices flow as the writing is occurring. Look what happened to IC's Batman the past couple of weeks, we picked a structure there and it failed, or at least was last time I looked. An Animal House frat would have a free-flow structure, power to the people, right on. Food Fight! five minutes later
makes sense to me --Sir Skinfan13 Talk {< CUN RotM FBotM VFH ΥΣΣ Maj. SK >} 20:36 EST 15 Mar, 2010
I was actually following the format of the Nintendo page on Wikipedia when I started, so we can just follow that in terms of structure. It's the weekend now, so I'm free to help out more now. —Paizuri MUN (Talk Contribs Poll!) 20:54, 19 March 2010 (UTC)
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