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 ,,~—,                      SSS  PPPP   OOO  RRRR  K  K
 ——   '————————————————||  S     P   P O   O R   R K K
 ——    ________________||  SSSS  PPPP  O   O RRRR  KKK
 ——   ,                        S P     O   O R R   K  K
 ''~-'                      SSS  P      OOO  R  R  K  K

You are groggy, and your head hurts. You awake unaware of where you are.

What is your first action?


You are in a cube-shaped white-walled room. There is no furniture, and only one small window in the door. There is a small, fury, purple creature crouched in the other corner. I think it's a Hue.

you can:

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