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edit Page revival/creation

I am going to be trying to revive some pages that I miss reading because they were deleted as well as creating pages that I think that need to Exist, so I hope You all enjoy.

edit Equestria

Mystic earthoid planet

Equestria as seen with the HUBle telescope.

Equestria is a Planet located on the other end of the galixy.

This planet was discovered in 2010 by a drunk NASA worker who was fooling around with the HUBle telescope and aimed it at this one area and found the planet.The planet now named Equestria is about the size of Earth and has similar feature's, such as Mountains forrest and Oceans as well as These structure's that resemble home's and a castle that sticks out of a moutain.

edit Life discoverd on Equestria


This was the welcoming party the resercher's got when they first steped into Equestria.

The amount of life discoverd on this planet is truly staggering, it has Dragons, manticore's, Birds and many other creature's thought to be native only to earth including Equestria's most intersting creature the pony! Now what is really unusual about these Ponies is that they come in different colors and types, like the Unicorn type, Pegasus type, Earthpony type and the ever elusive Alicorn which is a hybred between the three speceies. They seem to be the most advance creature's on Equestria and they are apperently under the dictatorship of Princess Celestia.

edit Interview about ponies and stuff

Twilight appreciate offer

This is twilight sparkle, she agreed to do an interview with us.

Twilight:So what would You like to know, my little test subject's?

you:Uhh...test subject's? Twilight:It's a term of endearment just like My little Ponies or Friends. you:O..kay, so uh how come ponies can talk on this world but not on Earth? Twilight:There are ponies on your planet too? Very interesting.Now to answer your question, it's most likly due to convergent Evolution which is why Birds and some insect's fly despite the fact they're not related, or the ponies on your planet may not be able to talk because they are extra retard Ponies or something. you:Ok so how come the ponies on this planet come in all kinds of colors and the ones on earth come in a few colors? Twilight:It's because Princess Celestia didn't want plain colored ponies so she used magic to change their color's. you:Can You tell me more about Princess Celestia? Twilight:Sure, she's for example she and her Sister Princess luna conqered the planet and saved it from Discord, who by the way had the planet in complete Chaos. Twilight:Now that I gave you your interwiew do you think you and your friends could follow me so I could do some test? I've got Cake.

edit History of Equestria


This is Princess Celestia after she and her large army took over Discords planet.

The year was 565 Princess Celestia and Princess Luna wanted to expand their Empire, so the two Princess's and their Armys serched the Universe for habitable Planets.

one of the planet's found had alot of potental, It was called the Chaos realm.The solar army attacked during the day and the lunar army attacked at night. At first Discord seemed like he was Winning but as Time went on the two Princess's decieded to end it using thier seceret Weapon, The Elements of harmony!

With the elements online they launched the orbital Friendship cannon, the power of the orbital friendship cannon not only turned Discord to stone but terra-formed the chaos realm into the Equestria we know today, and that's how Equestria was made. The lunar rebelion happened in the Year 1010 when Princess Luna refused to help Princess Celestia make an Eclipse or something and started to call her names like trollestia and molestia, both names that are still stuck to her today. Because of her name calling and a bunch of other Stuff Pincess Luna was sent to the Moon.

edit Laws of Equestria


Here is the lunar maximum security's scary, butt fun!

  • Licking doorknobs is illegal
  • Betting on human race's is legal but only on monday's though saturday's
  • A well known law is that You have to tolerate and love everypony, Failure to do so will result you being sent to the Moon.
  • It is illegal for Earthponies to drink out of water foutain's reserved for Unicorns.
  • It is legal to keep Dragons but you have to hatch them so they can imprint on you.
  • While everypony has freedom of speech it is highly recomended that you don't call Princess Celestia Princess molestia or Princess Trollestia for obvious reason's.
  • Everypony has to obey the Princess no exeption failure to do so will also result you being sent to the Moon.
  • If two or more Ponies have the same Cutie mark they must fight to the death untill one remains.

edit Crime in Equestria


Pinkie pie is wanted for the crime of killing ponies and turning them into cupcakes.

Equestria may seem like a very Safe place but don't let that fool You, Equestria has the third highest crime rate in the galixy right after Baltimore, Maryland and Tatooine.

First of all there are alot of Gangs such as the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Diamond Dogs.The cutie mark crusaders is the largest and most violent gang in Equestria and are responsable for cutting off other ponies cutie marks if they refuse to join. The diamond dogs are a small gang but shouldn't be underestimated, they have a rather big influince on the sale of Blooddiamonds as well as crystal meth and are known to kidnap ponies and make them work as Slaves in thier Mines.

Perhaps the most Dangerous of them all is Pinkie pie A.K.A. the Cupcake killer, she is wanted for the Murders of an estimated 420 Ponies and suspected in 700 other similar cases. Her current whereabouts are Unknown, if you see her do not approach her instead call for Help.

edit Random stuff


What we have here is a polar bear using it's laser eyes to shoot random stuff.

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edit Pie

The section Pie double entendres is a section of delicate wording that carefully dances around what it is trying to say. Your new illustration and caption ("keep your gross penis away from my pie or I will cut it off!") is out of character with this section. I explained this in the Change Summary of my first revert, but you have reasserted it twice again. It does not fit. Spıke Ѧ 22:15 1-Jun-13

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