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edit Welcome Human!

I am SHADOWFOX89! The one and only,the reason you're looking at this page must mean you
Vampire Eyes

Your soul has been removed

want to laugh or something but I'm not going to make you laugh,instead I'm gonna take your Soul.

Now that I took your soul I will say this:READ MORE AND YOU MIGHT GET YOUR SOUL BACK! Here is a picture of what I've done to a church.



I did all this for the good of the World and I see no reason to stop.BURN IT ALL DOWN! Sorry about that folk's I tend to have thought's about Fire and stuff,oh wait I'm not Sorry!.At this point I usually go off on some little rant on how I like Turtle's,but since You are under my Control I'll get to that later. KILL THE INNOCENT! DAMN IT! I slipped again, I swear this is like having Tourette's Syndrome. I TOLD YOU I'D SHOOT BUT YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME, WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME! Please ignore my Crazy talk and let's get back on track,I'm the one that caused most of if not all these Disaster's You heard about on the News and no one will be able to stop me,p.s. there will be a big Earthquake somewhere at some point in the future. What was I talking about again? Oh well I'll remember it sooner or later,anyway FIRE,FIRE,FIRE, KILL THEM WITH FIRE!!!!O.k. so let's continue I'm going to cause another disaster,guess right and win your soul back. Would I A:Start a big landslide into the ocean that will cause a big Tsunami B:Start a really big Fire and burn stuff to the ground?FIRE! FIRE! HEHEHEH WATCH EM ALL BURN!C:Hurl the Moon into the earth and wipe out all life on earth. If you answered any of these question's you're wrong. YOU GET NOTHING!!!!

edit An interview with SHADOWFOX89

REPORTER: Do you have a grudge against humanity?
Fox news

SHADOWFOX89 doing his interview on the O'reilly factor.

SHADOWFOX89: Maybe,maybe not but I will make you Spontaneous Combust if you look at me like I'm a madman.

REPORTER: Why do you do bad thing's?

SHADOWFOX89: Because it's fun to do Bad thing's.

REPORTER: Do You smoke with Cigarette's?

SHADOWFOX89: Yeah I smoke with cigarette's,It's fun to Smoke.

REPORTER: Do you ever think about helping people?

SHADOWFOX89: Are you kidding? I help people all the time,help them Die LOL.

Homer pants on fire

Despite the hilarity of the situation the reporter suffered greatly.

REPORTER: What are you thinking about now?

SHADOWFOX89:Wanna know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking about Fire Fire!Fire!!

REPORTER: What's going on? AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'M ON FIRE!!!!!

SHADOWFOX89: So do I still get paid?

The reporter suffered forth degree burn's and had his brain imploded,he survived but no longer work's as a reporter,SHADOWFOX89 was never charged in the assault due to the fact that he ran off into the Night.

edit On the trail of SHADOWFOX89

Ever since that Night SHADOWFOX89 has not been seen but the only a smoldering crater he left is evidence he's been here.
Ruined city

On our journey to find SHADOWFOX89 we came across of what was left of a large city

The city used to be called Springfield,not sure what state though. As we continue our journey not bothering to sift though the destruction because a crater that big,chance's are that no one survived.

Later on the edge of what was left of the city,we notice some strange foot prints leading into the mountain's We were alarmed when we heard that there is a town hidden in the mountain's. We then thought we must warn People that there is a Demon on the loose
New York gets nuked

Here's a satellite photo of SHADOWFOX89'S explosive tantrum's

possibly heading in their direction.

We took the closest vehicle to warn them that SHADOWFOX89 is in the Area,when we were just a few mile's away we could tell that something was not right,there was Something on the top of the Car,It was SHADOWFOX89! He then said

SHADOWFOX89: Why the Hell are you following me? We are here to stop You SHADOWFOX89 from destroying everything. SHADOWFOX89: Oh yeah? well you can't stop me,after I destroy that town over there You Are Dead. The loss of Life from the explosion's numbered in the million's including the people who were on the trail of SHADOWFOX89.

edit Myth's and fact's of SHADOWFOX89

Myth: SHADOWFOX89 has a House.

Fact: the World is his house and the Universe is his playground.

Myth: SHADOWFOX89 just eats face's.

Fact: He'll eat Anything he can catch.

Myth: You're safe in your home.

Fact: NO you're not you are in Danger!,RUN,RUN NOW!!

edit Operation D.I.S.C.O.R.D.

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