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edit Thanks

Thanks for your vote on HowTo:Beet off. You are a discerning person, and would probably enjoy this place if you like to write or edit or just putz around a website. Someone should come soon with a welcome template which will throw a whole lot of data at you at once. All you need to know at the start are the basics. Enjoy! Aleister 1:16 17decemb12

edit User:ShadowSkill001/Liverpool Hope University

Hello and welcome to Uncyclopedia! Aleister told you that the Welcoming Committee would be around, but they probably saw that something was already written here on your talk page so they skipped you. I have a few notes on what you're doing over on your user page:

  • Usually your user page is used to introduce yourself to other editors. Articles you are preparing, but which aren't yet ready to go into the encyclopedia, you might start in your userspace--with a name such as the one shown at the start of this section. You can create a new page by clicking that (the red means it doesn't yet exist) and then confirming that you want to create a page by that name.
  • Be careful when writing an article about your school. You are writing for readers throughout the English-speaking world. We don't know anything about your school, so if you have a joke that only you guys will understand, make some effort to give some background to the rest of us. And we have universities of our own, complete with drunks and sluts and maybe even chavs, so be sure that what you are saying is unique and different.

Welcome again, and happy editing! Spıke Ѧ 21:28 29-Jan-13

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