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edit Archives

edit User:Hesper Green/UnPoetia:One fish two fish dead fish jew fish‎

I think the standard for [UnPoetia] is not just something that one would look up in an encyclopedia, but rather in a book of poetry. This allows for a lot more leeway in what can be jokingly rhymed about in an unpoetry piece. However, thank you for userspacing the last one that was done - it relied too much on old meme humor, and would be potentially offensive to an entire ethnic group without redeeming value. -- Simsilikesims(♀UN) Talk here. 03:08, October 3, 2014 (UTC)

edit Netflix

It's suddenly becoming famous. In France, at least. I saw a few posters advertising The House of Cards series. Last week I noticed an article on the front page of the Direct Matin newspaper about Netflix starting to sell its products in France. And I am not talking about several times I saw its logo while watching trailers. So our article was featured at the right time! Telling you this, just in case you are interested. Anton (talk) Uncyclopedia United 17:29, October 3, 2014 (UTC)

Not just that, but gigantic telephone operator Verizon is shutting down its competing streaming service, Redbox Instant, before midnight tomorrow. Spıke ¬ 11:46 6-Oct-14

edit Lebron James

Now the next task is to time the featuring of Lebron James for the week that he takes "my talents" away from "South Beach" and back to Cleveland. Spıke ¬ 18:12 3-Oct-14
You did what you could! Now it's up to voters! But, speaking about that article, does the "pwned" in a section heading have a specific purpose? I am not a basketball fan and don't know Mr. LeBron, so can't tell if there is any background behind it. Anton (talk) Uncyclopedia United 18:24, October 3, 2014 (UTC)
Pwned ( = "owned" = dominated and humbled) might not have anything to do with Lebron or his cohort. The only thing important to the comedy is to show the parallelism between Lebron's treatment of real and imagined adversaries, and his treatment of his once-and-future host city. Spıke ¬ 18:28 3-Oct-14

edit Deletion of BatteryIncluded article.

Last year, you deleted a page about [...] - a possibly more robust and somewhat vile approach to any actions I take herein on Uncyclopedia that are aimed at Wikipedia.

  • 05:34, July 10, 2013 SPIKE (talk | contribs) deleted page BatteryIncluded (Anon writes a coded rant about a specific website user's alias)

The anonymous IP who wrote an allegedly coded rant about him is registered to Telekom Malaysia is myself. I wrote it because of he bullied me, then have the admins (such as [...]) did the same. I wrote it here because I'm upset that the same individual might meet me again at some point in the future (along with the Wikipedia admins) on some threatening intention like beating me and sending threats of death and neo-luddism toward computers.

Let me guess. I may have created trouble on Wikipedia on the Internet, but it is Wikipedia's insane culture and policy, in which the people on it have created an [entire world of extreme, heavy-handed, draconian, and unevenly enforced rules] for them to follow and worship to the point of eliminating the Wiki's very producers. With this, the administrators have [turned Wikipedia into an online totalitarian regime], and no one has ever done a darn thing about it. In that post, Geoffrey Liu has talked about all these admins who were responsible for bullying me or something. Now, Wikipedia is a lost cause, and [fewer and fewer people] have the courage to edit the wiki encyclopedia any more.

I think you should make the community on Wikia aware about Wikipedia's problems, and the threat that BatteryIncluded poses to people. BatteryIncluded is responsible for outings, personal attacks, incivility, threats, and unilateral actions so does the admins themselves. And do not let these parties responsible beat me or threaten me.

BTW, I do not have a kitten in my house, and I do not have a computer virus/trojan installed on my computer (I checked it with my anti-virus software more often, and I got a firewall). The kitten that BatteryIncluded gave me, and the virus that he used to infect my computer, as well as my obsession with the Russian Phobos-Grunt space mission from 2007 onwards are pure coincidences - re-written history by admins. 16:56, October 5, 2014 (UTC)

Sir: As I am unable to direct psychiatric help to you, I think I should instead perma-ban you. If the IP is registered in Malaysia to you, it makes me giddy to think you will not be able to evade the ban. Spıke ¬ 17:36 5-Oct-14

edit Ad hominem

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Nice Malala Yousafzai article too, she deserves Uncyc's recognition. Sir ScottPat (converse) White Ensign Scotland Flag 1 Compassrose VFH UnS NotM WotM WotY 09:15, October 11, 2014 (UTC)

edit PLS

Congratulations for winning the best rewrite. I read your article and found it very funny. Sir ScottPat (converse) White Ensign Scotland Flag 1 Compassrose VFH UnS NotM WotM WotY 07:03, October 19, 2014 (UTC)

Thanks! I submitted it merely to perform "page-rape" on the languishing competition page, but it was fun to write, as the more you say about Brick, the more directions continue to present themselves. Spıke ¬ 14:54 19-Oct-14

edit Embedding videos

I have just used <youtube></youtube> to embed a video on my userpage, but notice that the system has automatically uploaded File:Blackadder_Theme_(S2)_-Chains and changed the code in my userpage to [[File:Blackadder Theme (S2) -Chains|450px]]. In particular, clicking on the video does not play it directly on the userpage, but sends me to UnCommons. The video has uploaded 4 times (presumably the total number of previews and saves I have made), and by the time you read this probably more due to my attempts to fix it. I presume this is not supposed to happen, as the videos here embed properly. Apologies for the inconvenience; I'll send the file to QVFD once I fix the issue. Ye Blacke Adder (talk) 09:23, October 20, 2014 (UTC)

No, that is the way Wikia does it now, supposedly to increase performance. Sorry the log lists you as the multiple "uploader." The bot may perform this conversion and "upload" every time you edit the line calling for the video.
Separately, I dislike the technique of linking to videos. We ought to write original comedy, not point readers to external media (even if Wikia internalizes it). Spıke ¬ 11:55 20-Oct-14
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