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Rivselis here, making a talk page about.... being.... something.

How does one "be" something? First, get a bat. Now hit yourself in the groin with it. All ladies out there will have to shave their heads bald. Now that you're offically a "Gulible idiot" for doing that, you're SOMETHING!!!


Now shuttup, grab a paper clip and shove it up your closest power sockett. (Thought i was gonna say arse weren't ya?)

Now go serve the overmind!

Boredom sucks. If you guys want to make discussion on why I suck Rule, make sure to leave your name so I can Huff your user page er, drop a line back.

Bungee jumping

My page is up here, so I'll just reply up here. I've read the help pages you sugested like a self-conceited jerk helpful simian. Nice how you used the {pagename} tag isntead of really finding out my name. Rivselis 17:51, 31 May 2006 (UTC)


Shhhhhh! This is a humour free zone.

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