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Earthquake data

I can't catch the schroll on your talk page, it's too big for my sensitive mouse. This one is a serious post. The earthquake swarm up in the Santa Cruz zone seems to be a precursor of bigger quakes, at least according to the earthquake expert at ATS who predicted the events days ago. Here's a thread (logging in there would enable you to see it better) of the swarm as it hit about eight hours ago, and the extent of the shocks - what he and others are saying may be foreshocks to a 9 event, and that a large portion if not the entire fault may be breaking up. It doesn't seem to put your area in trouble, but maybe Northern Australia and even NZ. You may want to check this out yourself, this guy is a serious expert on quakes. The events last night start about halfway down the first page, but up to there may be worth reading just to see how close this fellow was to calling this quake. Al 11:56 6-2-'13

I'll have to look at it shortly. Thanks for the heads up.                               Puppy's talk page12:26 06 Feb
You found a way to force Puppy to archive Spıke Ѧ 13:31 6-Feb-13
I'm just too lazy to bother personally. That, and I hate archives.                               Puppy's talk page01:39 06 Feb

Apparantly nobody else is "warning" about the entire area unzipping except the guy at ATS, who seems to know what he's talking about. His newest posts of the continuing activity have the recent zone expanding down to the Fiji section of the Santa Cruz fault, a long way from last night's activity and right in line with what the OP is worried about. I'm mentioning this because I don't know what would happen if this unzips, and depending on how near the coastline you are I, again, don't know if a tsunami is possible there. But the area is so vast even if Santa Cruz totally goes I don't know if you would have any effect there. A damn interesting thread anyway - like I said, following the reaction in real time was dramatic if nothing else. Al real time

Re-enabling email

No need to apologize for having a different opinion on re-enabling Uncyclopedia's email feature. But are you saying it is inherently open to abuse and thus should be disabled permanently? This would leave no way for personal contact except publishing personal data on the wiki, which is much more prone to abuse including by spider 'bots. PS--Did you get an email from me yesterday (before Sannse's move)? Spıke Ѧ 11:48 7-Feb-13

Nope. But I'm on [] if you want to give another shot.                               Puppy's talk page11:50 07 Feb

Done. I took the liberty of consigning your address to the page history, where 'bots won't know to fish for it. Spıke Ѧ 11:57 7-Feb-13

Thank you much!

Thanks for helping me fix my user page!!--Spqr Sir Claudius CUN VFH (carpe diem) 22:56, February 7, 2013 (UTC)

No problem!                               Puppy's talk page11:04 07 Feb

Young boy cruzer

Your message pertaining to the article "Young boy cruzer" was highly appreciated. However, I don't think that the article is bad. I will be making many changes over the next few days, and continue adding after that.

I showed my friend, Cruz, A.K.A: "Young boy cruzer" this article, and he thought that it was extremely funny, I also showed it to many of my friends, and they also found it funny. It is not harassment, it is a joke, And i plan on making improvements. Me and my friends think this is very funny, and would hate to see it be deleted. I hope you understand.


I have not read Puppy's message but he knows what he's talking about. Regarding your friend Cruz, also-known-as "Young boy cruzer," the general rule is: We don't care about your friends. See Uncyclopedia:Vanity policies. We don't want an Uncyclopedia article about your classmate, even if it is funny--and especially if it were mean, in which case we would delete it immediately as cyber-bullying. And your article is not funny, not to anyone in the English-speaking world who does not know Cruz. I will give you a chance to re-cast it so it is not about a specific person who is not a celebrity and whom no one knows, before I delete it. Spıke Ѧ 23:22 8-Feb-13

Interlanguage links

Hey, I pointed a guy (or gal) from Nonsensopedia towards you, as a person who is looking at the whole definitive and complete list of interlanguage links question. I hope you still are, and you don't mind a humorous Pole prodding you about it... -- sannse@Wikia (talk) 01:15, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

Is s/he ten foot? I've always wondered what it would be like to be touched by a ten foot Pole. (Generating that list on on my things to do list.)                               Puppy's talk page06:10 09 Feb
For a list of Wikia hosted Uncyc wikis, I give you User:PuppyOnTheRadio/iw. There are non-wikia ones as well, and there are also uncyclopedia-like wikis that aren't included.                               Puppy's talk page12:59 09 Feb

Hi, I'm Nevermindfc, an admin from Nonciclopedia. I think Sannse was talking about me, unless some Nonsensopedia user wrote her about the same thing on the same day. Sorry for not registering, I've had a lot of trouble with the signup page. I've tried using a bunch of different usernames and it doesn't look like my ip is blocked either, so after a day I gave up. Regarding the interlanguage links, on Nonciclopedia we have a list of Uncys. There's some Wikia Uncys that aren't on your list, and a lot of non-Wikia ones as well (I checked here to keep the list updated, but this page seems to prefer non-Wikia Uncys so I don't know if some of the non-Wikia Uncys have a Wikia counterpart). I hope it's some help. Bye -- 22:37, February 10, 2013 (UTC)

Unfortunately was created and is maintained in part by someone who has a dislike of Wikia - and I believe it was created as a backlash of when ownership was transferred to Wikia. I'm going to start bouncing around a few more of these to see if I can locate more Uncyclopedia sites. Inciclopedia is having a similar issue with trying to determine it's interwiki/interlanguage links as well. Our API here also lists a significant number of these, but also a significant number of non-Uncyclopedias, but looking for those that have a language aspect may help.
There are also a significant number listed on the front page. The issue is that not all of them are really relevant. Zombiepedia, for instance, is nothing like an Uncyclopedia in style, tone or content. So tread warily on what can be classed as an Uncyclopedic site.
What error are you getting on the log-in page? Can you screenshot it for me?                               Puppy's talk page12:19 11 Feb
That's a good question for Anon; I took it to mean that, after eight years, all the good names are taken. Spıke Ѧ 00:28 11-Feb-13
[1] But after seeing my signature above, I think Wikia is acting like a proxy, 'cause that wasn't my ip. It's not the first time something like this happens, probably that's why I couldn't sign up. Actually, I had to block that address on Nonciclopedia yesterday. -- 08:56, February 11, 2013 (UTC)
Odd. Did you try with a date of birth earlier than 1995? It may have spat it back due to that. The IP address shouldn't make a difference. (I've screwed with it under numerous addresses and never had that issue.)                               Puppy's talk page09:59 11 Feb
That was it, thanks. --Nevermindfc2 (talk) 12:51, February 11, 2013 (UTC)
No problem!                               Puppy's talk page01:09 11 Feb

Grammar Nazis

True or false? There is never any need for a plural page that simply redirects to the singular. Spıke Ѧ 15:55 9-Feb-13

You apparently caused the page to redirect to itself. --Mn-z 16:26, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

You're right, that would do that. I'll huff it right now. 16:59 No, you're wrong and I won't. "Grammar Nazis" redirects to "Grammar Nazi" (where I moved the meat, from "Grammar nazi"). My question to Puppy is whether this exact thing would happen without the redirect page, and I'll wait until he wakes up. Spıke Ѧ 17:01 9-Feb-13

After looking at it again, Grammar nazi (lower case "n") is, or rather was, the article that is redirecting to itself. I went ahead and fixed it.--Mn-z 19:55, February 9, 2013 (UTC)
It doesn't hurt having the redirect from a plural. I wouldn't bother creating one, but wouldn't bother deleting it either. The search algorithm doesn't understand plurals though, so if there are a bundle of pages linking to [[Grammar Nazis]] the redirect is easier than changing them all to [[Grammar Nazi]]s.
On that topic, the Wikipedia default is sentence case in page titles. Which means [[Grammar nazi]] would tend to be the page, where [[Grammar Nazi]] would be the redirect. In an actual article it should really refer to [[grammar nazi]] as it's not a proper name.
One thing that I wouldn't have done is remove the quote from “Some asshole using an online translator”, or however it was written. Simply because I actually liked that line.
Am I the only one seeing the irony in being a pilkunnussija about grammar nazis?                               Puppy's talk page09:43 09 Feb

If you really like that quote, put it back. I think that was what Anon added that sent me on my Nazi hunt. I did not like it because it is a quote not attributed to anyone but only to "some guy" and even "some asshole" and it breaks the encyclopedia canon (even without the use of "Fcuk") without adding much. Separately, Nazi is always capitalized; it is a proper noun, regardless of whether the construction around it is a proper noun. A person pursuing good grammar like a Nazi is a "grammar Nazi." Spıke Ѧ 21:52 9-Feb-13

grammar nazi” is considered acceptible alternative according to wiktionary. And IMO because the phrase is somewhat divorced from the original meaning I'd tend to go with the lowercase, as the inference is not a member of any political movement at all.                               Puppy's talk page10:08 09 Feb

Harriet Tubman on VFD

I have closed out that vote, there being no sentiment to delete the article, and mentioned the same to TheKoromoAmae on the article's talk page. My phrasing at VFD makes it sound as though I'm threatening you with a ban. I won't and I didn't mean for it to sound that way; only to recall how, in the old days of the website's vitality, one wouldn't use VFD to advance a sentiment that the nominator didn't actually hold. (Recall my "Nom and abstains"--you can still see the welts on my back.) Spıke Ѧ 16:58 9-Feb-13

I've done it before once or twice. I usually will do that when I'm using VFD to get a community consensus for the deletion of an article in preference to an article I've written, because that adds an emotive layer to my voting tendencies. And I try and avoid being emotional.                               Puppy's talk page09:47 09 Feb

Forkers at Wikipedia

Today I edited WP:Uncyclopedia, the Intro and a section that had been named Domain change and is now named Fork. I see you had been in there earlier, as was Aimsplode (his Wikipedia personal pages redirect to the Wikipedia main page). My neutral edits were met with a request for a citation "for claim that 'development continues' on seemingly-abandoned Wikia fork)." I scoff at this rhetoric on the Wikipedia article's talk page, like the earlier claim of Aimsplode (before he stood for Sysop!) that Wikia Uncyclopedia is "deprecated" and maintained only as a "sandbox." You might wish to read or enter the debate there. Spıke Ѧ 02:48 10-Feb-13

I just added citations. I also added a little about the original site, as there was prior to wikia. And I have a feeling there may have also been another very short lived independent site prior to that, but I may be getting confused. And I'm not sure what the hell "UnVoyages" is, but I haven't noticed them creating a new namespace at the fork either.                               Puppy's talk page03:59 10 Feb
The entire fifth paragraph on the wikipedia page is a hodge podge mess of wa-wa. Things didn't go write (right) if you added it. And it's much too long as well, tries to explain everything while explaining nothing and spins the head around. Nothing good can come of such a porpise driven life. wa-wa 10:03 10-03-1003
I have to admit that I skimmed that part rather than read it. It needs some more TLC, but I've been slapped on the wrist for being in a revert war on it in the past. And I much prefer dolphin chauffeurs.                               Puppy's talk page10:08 10 Feb
Yes, but if you stop a revert war the reverts win. The whole first section is a mess, and its tone can only drive people away from here and the fork. The mirror uncy may turn out to be the real uncy after all. I'm surprised anyone would say this site is abandoned, what are we, ghosts in the machine? And they're claiming that wikia is paying the people working here now. Did you get your bonus check yet? Mine came yesterday and now I'm driving a porsche! Well paid in Pretoria 10:25
I thought that 10c I found on the floor of my room had fallen out of my pocket. Now I realise it's my royalties. Only another 2.82 millennia and I can afford to retire!                               Puppy's talk page10:30 10 Feb
"The whole first section" (of the article, that is) is the best I could do, and I was not writing to drive anyone anywhere but lay out the facts as neutrally as I could. You are surprised someone would make false claims to stampede readers and editors to the Fork site? Note the header on the talk page on reverts and deletions there. That page has been an Uncyclopedia battleground in the past too. Spıke Ѧ 10:59 10-Feb-13
Not the first time I've fought there either. Even had a run in with “Isarra”, or however it's spelled, before I knew who she was.                               Puppy's talk page12:06 10 Feb
Spike, look at that fifth paragraph again, it really falls apart and goes into chaos. The start is fine. Aleister 12:30 10-2-'13
Fifth paragraph should have had the last couple of sentences as <ref>. That bit should be fixed now. (I really do need to preview before save).                               Puppy's talk page07:15 10 Feb

Wikipedia user K7L quickly reverts Puppy on the basis that an Alexa search neither confirms nor denies the assertion. Nor does a glance at my watch. And K7L adds flowery rhetoric on the talk page to wheedle us into desisting (from opposing his efforts to de-legitimize this website)--and to sidestep his own dishonesty. Spıke Ѧ 20:38 10-Feb-13

Thank you for fleshing this out with additional citations. It will not satisfy K7L, who will point out technical defects, drop names, and make vague threats to deflect the issue from K7L's own assertion-in-passing that Wikia Uncyclopedia is "seemingly abandoned." Spıke Ѧ 00:28 11-Feb-13

Just read the talk page at wikipedia that you're referencing. What's a GA status? And why does this guy have such a dogging attitude about uncy? Aleister 1:01 11-2-'13

GA is a designated "Good Article." This guy is arguing to win an argument (to an audience that will not investigate whether we seem to be "abandoned" or not), not to get to the facts. I encounter many of these at my other home on a newspaper website. Spıke Ѧ 01:07 11-Feb-13

Thanks. In my wikipedia persona I haven't had anyone hound me like that. It's odd that the guy doesn't just take a look at our recent changes. It's like arguing that the sun isn't shining when your just have to look out the window. Al minutes later

That question on Street Fighter...

I believe that third bonus round was in the arcade version. I can't speak for the SNES port since I've never touched it. Just thought I'd mention it. Sorry this was so late. -- Hanyouman (talk) 19:02, February 10, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah. I don't remember the order, but there were three bonus rounds in the arcade version - the car, the stack of barrels, and the falling barrels. I don't recall them being on fire in the original SFII, but I think one of the later versions added flames to the falling barrels. (Been a while since I've played the arcade version.)                               Puppy's talk page07:13 10 Feb

SCO Group

I am glad you dug into this one! Concernedresident started his edits with a summary that the prior text "contained too much truth" but that was exactly the problem with his edits. They are vastly better in quality than what came before, but are--or read like--someone with an axe to grind against Management trying to tell a story just wryly to fit on a humor wiki. Spıke Ѧ 11:44 11-Feb-13

It still isn't good by a long way, but it's better.                               Puppy's talk page01:23 11 Feb

Rolling out the red carpet

--to an experienced user is not a bad thing to do. Mine is longer, though; this is not necessarily better, but you might look at it and see if there are any points you'd like to also mention. I based mine on Romartus's welcome message, and on watching him scold users on how to edit talk pages when we had never told them how to in the first place. Cheers! Spıke Ѧ 13:17 11-Feb-13

Brevity is the sole of wit. Which it why it keeps getting trampled. And things like UN:AAN and IRC have become pretty useless, so I just trimmed the fat off {{Welcome}}. I'm more interested in getting HTBFANJS and BGBU in people's faces. And making them feel welcomed. (I also tend to welcome with a little more relating to recent edits they've made, so a short pro forma gives me leeway to write more personalised stuff and not have it lost in tl;dr land.)                               Puppy's talk page01:23 11 Feb

Good morning! The Power Rangers article you filed on QVFD was just re-created. It started out by saying it was not the same article as yesterday, but had no redeeming qualities, no wikiformatting, and lots of toilet humor and a few references to specific people by first name. I have not waited for a QVFD this time, but have not banned Anon outright, as he has a handful of reasonable edits in his past. Would you like him banned? Spıke Ѧ 00:13 12-Feb-13

Your call. It could be either ignorance or arrogance. Maybe a one day with a ban summary of “don't recreate deleted content. Create an account and you can create it in your userspace” or something.                               Puppy's talk page12:33 12 Feb

That sounds like a mild but memorable penalty. I can't read his mind; my opinion is that he has not shown signs of being a useful contributor, but that's a prediction of the future as well. Spıke Ѧ 01:02 12-Feb-13

PS--On the ban page, I saw that the Chief gave him a week's ban, 13 months ago, for removing tags and "creating a crap page." And yesterday's and today's were crap pages too, so I matched the week. Rule of Law. Spıke Ѧ 01:07 12-Feb-13

Installing the new content warning

I'm cooking up the stuff for the warning template at the moment. The Argh Isle/Al/Pup version won the vote, but the margin was narrow. Given you were the major proponent for the SPIKE variant, I'll let you determine the next course of action. I'm determining the process for installing the Sturm und drang variant, but you may want to simply remove the kitties and leave the annoying Immature variant at this stage until a third party like Romartus or Chief - ie someone more impartial - stick their head in. So from that forum:
Note: To remove the pink kitties you'll need to edit MediaWiki:Common.css so that:
.ShowContentWarning #content {
	background: #d7a0b4 url( 600px -500px repeat-x;
	box-shadow: #bbb 0 3px 5px;
.ShowContentWarning #content {
	box-shadow: #bbb 0 3px 5px;
                              Puppy's talk page12:33 12 Feb

I consider the vote official. When you are no longer "cooking up stuff" but the meal is ready, let me know--I should be on intermittently for another 3 hours. I saw that Sannse has expressed disapproval of the current state of it, but I'd prefer to make any change all at once. Thanks for the detailed instructions and please advise. Spıke Ѧ 01:02 12-Feb-13

Upon further review, it will be my pleasure to huff those kitties straight away. 01:11 Done. Spıke Ѧ 01:13 12-Feb-13


This file (the Cascading Style Sheet for all Uncyclopedia pages) contains instructions that the names of all Admins appear in bold, and the two new ones have now been added; for example:

.special LI A[title="User:SPIKE"],

This doesn't work for me. (I vaguely remember not wanting this effect, but I cannot find a counter-order either in my Uncyclopedia.css or in the file on my PC.) I think the cause is the LI as, under my Uncyclopedia skin, RecentChanges is coded as a table, not as a list.

What I have done locally is code:[title="User:SPIKE"] {

Removing the qualification gets the desired effect on any use of my username: in RecentChanges, my Watchlist, or even history listings. I am not recommending it to everyone, nor wish to have a current list of names of Admins on my PC, nor am willing to muck with Common.css unless you can verify that there is a bug. Spıke Ѧ 13:09 13-Feb-13

PS--Steamslinger, with whom you talked about The Big O, has returned after a hiatus and is ready to resume work. Spıke Ѧ 14:22 13-Feb-13

I must get back to achieving a satisfying Big O. As for the CSS - it's not broken in that as long as it's viewed as a list item of class="special" it should work. Personally it bugs me having that there - I use bold to determine things on my watchlist, so admin names on watchlist in bold just makes it harder to do a check-at-a-glance. I actually would have preferred them to be highlighted as a colour, and have been meaning to get back to that.
As for the content warning - I put it all together to be added to sysop only pages, but managed to miss out on a few fairly significant bits and bobs, so I have to get back to that shortly. (Probably not at 2:26 AM local time though.)                               Puppy's talk page03:27 13 Feb
Ah - that means Special:Mypage has funky highlights for you as well.                               Puppy's talk page03:30 13 Feb

No, it does not. It is a link to Special:Mypage, which only when you follow the link goes to User:SPIKE. And this link right here is not highlighted either, because MediaWiki doesn't know that I wrote it to be a link of class mw-userlink. The only things that are of that class are cases where MediaWiki outputs a username that is an Anchor to a user page.

I stated the contents of Common.css incorrectly in my first excerpt above, which is now corrected. Yes, it should work on any LI under an object of class="special"--but I see them not as LI but as TD; and adding a local rule that omits LI makes them work for me. Highlighting as a color is okay; also perhaps play with the background-color.

The code snippet I gave incorrectly the first time is actually from a widget from Bizzeebeever. He wrote code for me to change the "rollback" legend on my watchlist and RecentChanges to a symbol (by making the text fail to display and by specifying a background-image:

body[class*="Special_RecentChanges"] .mw-rollback-link a {

I have no manuals for JS or CSS new enough to show a *= operator for strings. Is this trying to say "contains the string"? I have found it equivalent to write a selector that I understand: .mw-rollback-link a {

Is this less efficient, or less immune to likely future changes, than the way Bizzeebeever chose to write it? Spıke Ѧ 15:55 13-Feb-13

No idea. My CSS training was also a fair few years ago. I assume *= suggests a wildcard character before and after the string, (therefore a string containing), in the same way vb recognises =*text*, but I'm also guessing. BB's version is more robust, but given we're looking at a platform with limited variables I don't know if it needs to be more robust. My usual perspective is if it works, don't screw with it. Which is why I'm a lazy programmer.                               Puppy's talk page04:09 13 Feb

I am all for not fixing stuff that isn't broken, except that, if the above is in fact equivalent, it makes it easier for me to maintain the stuff going forward. Your response would be another reason not to carry this philosophical change over to Common.css--but I still claim that LI there (and even the .special qualification) are unnecessary, and that the former breaks it for me. Spıke Ѧ 16:27 13-Feb-13

Real bugs

I visited someone at his desk (as in, no weird CSS, not logged into Uncyclopedia).

  1. Surfing to Special:RecentChanges, the borders came up, but there was no meat. Surfing to the main page, the content warning came up. I clicked "I accept" and, when I went back to RecentChanges, there was content. So the page is conditional on the disclaimer, but does not seem to have the code to actually present the disclaimer.
  2. No Admin's name is in bold. Spıke Ѧ 22:31 13-Feb-13
  1. I couldn't replicate that. I'll try different browsers later
  2. Yeah - same here. I'll have a looky loo a little later.                               Puppy's talk page12:52 14 Feb

I've opened Forum:Names of Admins in various lists to run this by other people. Let's discuss the how here, and the whether there. Spıke Ѧ 13:46 14-Feb-13


I see you working on the same test and can't believe I would have beat you here.

PS--Thanks for contributing there. Locally, the following test gets 'er done. (Ultimately, the illustration would not be the Bizzeebeever "rollback" symbol, it would not reside on my C: drive, and you would still not be an Admin.) Spıke Ѧ 15:19 14-Feb-13

/* A TEST */[title="User:PuppyOnTheRadio"] { padding-right: 12px !important;
                                               background: url(///C:/Rollback.png) center right !important;
                                               background-repeat: no-repeat !important;
Problem with coding via phone is I can't clear the cache easily. And it's 2:40 AM - don't expect me to be quick.                               Puppy's talk page03:41 14 Feb
At 26:40, I would not even expect you to be sober! The photo you were working with has to be shrunk for use as a background, because you can't zoom backgrounds as you can other images; also, my 12px above is not sufficient, as your photo is not square. Spıke Ѧ 15:48 14-Feb-13

Der Unwehr

Having moved Der Unwehr (why to "Uncyclopedia:"?), the Grue Army would seem like a plump, juicy target. It struck me as never anything more than a great new club (within a club) to join. Spıke Ѧ 13:20 15-Feb-13

I moved it to Uncyclopedia as it's similar to UN:IC and other uncyc projects like that. But it's well and truly retired. As for Grue Army - go for it. Definitely shouldn't be main space at all.                               Puppy's talk page01:23 15 Feb

Did you...

...check out the Recent Article list on the main page? One of mine is the first one listed. One of yours is the second. My apologies for bumping yours off the first spot. Aleister 21:48 15-2-'13

I don't think mine was as recent as yours.                               Puppy's talk page10:08 15 Feb
"But everything old is new again" Al minutes later
I agree. Maybe I can nominate Vitiligo for VFH again.                               Puppy's talk page10:14 15 Feb
It should be nommed, and if we all vote on it like you vote on VFH, it will get 1 vote. But if we vote on it like normal people it may get the required 4 votes. It's a good page, and should be featured. So should Gay Jesus but some people dislike it so much that it may never be featured. Maybe the fork will feature it. Gay Jesus! Al 15:31 17-2-'13
I suck at voting on VFH. I keep meaning to get around to it and keep getting sidetracked. I really have to sort out a better way of organising my time here. (Which I'm currently working on.)                               Puppy's talk page03:37 17 Feb 2013
Or were, until I sidetracked you with a coding bug (below)! Spıke Ѧ 15:50 17-Feb-13
And I just wrote something new (although predominantly from Point-Counterpoint, which SPIKE can see but Al can't). I can multi-task and use time effectively! I should probably go to sleep prior to 3AM though.                               Puppy's talk page04:09 17 Feb 2013

Signature coding bug?

I went to User talk:Maniac1075, to offer him protection against Anons on Shaquille O'Neal although you declined the offer. At Section 8, regarding a debate from 2012, your signature is displaying a future date in 2013. Spıke Ѧ 14:59 17-Feb-13

Argh! The year in my sig stuff has dropped off at some stage, and I didn't notice, so it's trying to display the year, can't find one, and defaults to the current one. I've dropped the year out of the sig, but it means that most of my timestamps from 2012 onwards will be missing the year part.                               Puppy's talk page03:26 17 Feb 2013

Steven Wright misquotes

I was using imitation Steven Wright quotes. The compiler, Rod Schmidt, more than likely didn't make these up either. They were likely compiled from a cast of thousands from the Usenet back in the nineties (I was a witness to this discussion thread when it came out), when Steven Wright was becoming well-known. I am pretty sure that no one person owns all these quotes, and none of them were by the Stephen Wright himself. If you follow the link to the document, these quotes are separated from all of the legit quotes. Meanwhile, I can see what I can do to format this stuff. Phrank Psinatra (talk) 16:40, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Then you ought to revert. We steal stuff all the time (for example, steal a photo in order to devise a new and funny caption), but we do not steal a comic strip that did the humor itself. We ought not lift someone else's list of made-up Steven Wright quotes; not because they're not funny, but because they aren't original humor. Spıke Ѧ 16:45 17-Feb-13
Further to the above, and with apologies for your work, I must delete this without even waiting for the ICU clock to tick down. It was obviously cut-and-pasted, and even says from where. Again, we steal with impunity, but we don't steal humor. Spıke Ѧ 17:02 17-Feb-13


Hi PuppyOnTheRadio. I'm back, hope you remember me. Could you take a look at my User:Bwan/Belgium page? I hope this one's better than the current Belgium page. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Bwan (talk • contribs)

What I actually meant was: could you take a look at the User:Bwan/Belgium page and tell me if you find it an improvement of the current Belgium page? The preceding unsigned comment was added by Bwan (talk • contribs)
I got it. Sorry - just haven't had the time to look at it properly. I'll get to it soon.                               Puppy's talk page10:40 20 Feb 2013
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