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I have Writer's Block. This means that I can't think of anything brilliant or otherwise funny to write so I'll just take an idea and go from there.

Yesterday I was comparing the Liberal's form of burial compared to Labor's form of burial and noted the following differences:

The Liberals bury their leaders after passing before cremating them.

Labor try to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

Labor are better at removing the dud politicians.


And the winner of the Mal Award for Thursday is...(drum roll)...Alf Stewart! Stoning the flaming crows is animal cruelty.

Today on ProductFocus we will be advertising our product of the day - The Julia Gillard GPS system! It will always direct you to move forward because, Tony, we can't afford to move backward! Drunks in the middle of the road? Move forward! Cane toads blocking the street? Move forward! With this amazing novelty of a GPS system, Gillard will move you forward - and maybe slightly to the right.

I'm also a lyricist incognito, writing lyrics for myself and my Microsoft Word companion Clippy. As for my ninemsn dating account, my username is: Available and my password is: expired.

If you want a song, just send me a PM and I'll reply within 24 hours on Twitter. My story on Boost Juice's new Goji Detox was the big story on the 7.30 Report, if only because people were getting sick of the hypocritical rhetoric in Liberal Party interviews. Especially when Laurie is the interviewee.

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I've done a complete rewrite on this article. Please feel free to offer feedback at your leisure. —Tonillero (talkcontribs) 17:42, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

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