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This is an underdeveloped parody film idea. The idea came after watching the classic Baldwin epic The Hunt for Red October then searching in the kitchen for some of the titular cheese. Sadly no ketamine was involved.

The basic premise could be: upstairs in their house Wallace and Gromit get seriously messed up on probably about a gram each of ketamine. Wallace (if he's the man) expresses a desire for the eponymous cheese, or a sandwich with it in, or whatever. The film is the usual W&G sort of length, say 20 to 30 mins. First act: they honk the ket and go downstairs. Obviously the first turning point is Wallace saying he wants the cheese. It takes about five or ten minutes to get downstairs but obviously that's boring so creative postmodern editing will condense it to about one or two minutes. All the lovely ket cliches will be in there (monkey walking, lunging, stammering, flinching at nothing, sliding up/down/along walls). Then they go to the kitchen and just make an extaordinary mess of everything etc.... this one has surely got legs but needs some more thought and work.

Possibly the appeal of both the idea and the pretend film could be extended by using another drug or even alcohol even. It will inevitably have a Harold & Kumar / Dude Where's My Car feel but I'll not be pleased if anyone tries to turn it into some sort of Cheech & Chong rubbish. To clarify: any drug except cannabis is fine. Oliver9184 21:26, 27 August 2007 (UTC)

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