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edit Category tags

Hi, and welcome!

One small pointer: when adding category tags to articles, you may want to use [[Category: Whatever]] and not {{category:whatever}}. The former puts your article in "whatever" category, the latter does *not* do that but instead does something you might not have been expecting - take the description text and parent categories from the "Category: Whatever" page and insert *those* into your article. So, if "desserts" is a subcategory of "food", then [[Category:Desserts]] will put your article in the "desserts" category while {{category:desserts}} will misfile your text not under "desserts" but under just plain "food". The double-curly-braces indicate that the page being pointed to is to be used as a template. Go figure... :)

Good to know, thank you. I'll correct those and do it right in the future.

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