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Don't get me wrong, bon-bons is a good page and the edits you made to it were good, it was just that you linked a lot of pages to it. Linking pages to another page is fine, if it adds to the content of that page. For example, in Banned from the Internet, you (I assume it was you) added a new way to get banned, which followed the style of the page and was funny, which was good. On other pages, I remember seeing it added in places where it didn't add anything to the page, which is looked down upon. I wouldn't have even brought it up except that a few weeks ago an anonymous user created a new page, adding plagurized material, and linking many other pages to it. It went unnoticed for a while, so it took a long time to remove the links once the page was deleted for plagurism. When I added you to the ban list, it is just because it was a place where I could post an IP so people could watch it and make sure it didn't get too carried away, which you didn't. I did not want you banned, and I didn't mean anything personal. Remember that this site is a joke, so don't take anything too seriosly. --Paulgb Talk 21:51, 8 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Ok, glad you understand. I took that message off the ban list. Keep up the good writing ;) --Paulgb Talk 22:06, 8 Apr 2005 (EDT)
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