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Re: UnNews comment- Thanks a lot! I did the article & images a while back, but only posted it now because of Cameron's new child...I hope people will get the joke(!)

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2 January 2007

Consultants from Pakistan have been engaged by the Bush administration to help come to terms with the new world order, according to White House spokeperson Senator Barak Obama. Mr Obama, formerly a professor of divinity at the Washington Islamic School, explained that Mr Bush has been worried for some time that Pakistani quasi-religious outfits like the Taliban and Al Qaeda have been better at putting their messages across than have local American outfits like the Republican Party. Whilst the number of Republicans has been on the wane, the number of converts to Islam saw accelerated growth in 2006.

"Mr Bush is wanting to learn some tricks of the trade from his opposite numbers in Pakistani-based propaganda and activist organisations," explained Mr Obama. "You see, it's like this," he went on. "Many devout Americans are wanting to see the authority of the President strengthened. When they are seeing how Taliban holy fighters are being revered in places like Afghanistan and are having great power over all the people, many Americans are thinking, why are not the President and the President's men hallowed and revered in the same way by all Americans? They are seeing how Mr Bush's initiatives, like abandoning stem cell research and denying geological scientific data, are making true believers cheer very enthusiastically and wave their arms around vehemently."

Now, it seems, Mr Bush is "off-shoring" his propaganda machine and hopes to learn how to become even more effective. Senior aides were dispatched to special training camps near Islamabad just before Christmas. Mr Obama mentioned that, as well as reduced direct costs by operating out of Pakistan, he is expecting military benefits as well, since Pakistani munitions experts have developed cheap and cheerful ways of producing bombs for sabotage initiatives that are way ahead of what the mighty US military machine is capable of.

The President is quoted as saying, "Since 9/11, we've been fighting with one arm tied behind our backs. Now, with this new thinking, in no time at all we'll be as effective as our friends in Pakistan, and we'll soon have the American people eating out of our hands. I'm fed up with Americans who don't support our war on terra, and my message to them now is - we're gonna come and get you, even if that means having some of our erstwhile enemies lend a helping hand."


Get it down you son.

Alcoholics Oblivious (known as A.O.) is a self-defeating group of drinkers who operate worldwide. Their primary purpose is to stay drunk and carry the message of their love of alcohol through the Not Even Twelve Steps program - demonstrating that they can't even walk 12 paces without falling over. A.O.'s is the original Not Even Twelve Steps, and has been the model for for all subsequent ones, such as Narcoleptics Somnolescent, Amputees Oblivious, Comatose Oblivious and Dead Oblivious. Early members were entirely Irish and male, but membership over the past century and a half has diversified somewhat, although the main inspiration can be traced to people of Irish descent.

AO is best known for its slogans, such as:

  • "You're not drunk if you can hold on to a blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth."
  • "An Irish Queer is a turd who likes women better than alcohol."

and, most famously:

  • "One drink at the time."

An earlier group for dipsomaniacs, known as the New Yorkers, fell apart during the prohibition in the 1930s when it tried to branch out into racketeering, and all its members were shot.

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  • George Orwell "[ Animal Farm]". Penguin, Mmmmm DD, YYYY
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edit Alcoholics Oblivious

I have changed the name of this, as shown above, as it is the name of an organisation and should have a capital O. I hope you don't just leave the {{Stub}} on it but keep working on it. It has a little trite drinking humor, as well as an Irish turd joke, but the Not Even Twelve Steps is a gem. (Please don't use it twice!) You ought to delete the copy of it above. Usually user talk pages like this are used to talk. Draft articles are placed in userspace, such as at User:Necessary Evil/Some new article name. Cheers! Spıke Ѧ 00:07 11-Jun-13

edit Ignorance Management System

This is a gem and I want to nominate it for the main page when you have finished working on it.

My only recommendation is to please delete the discussion of your personal vendetta with Adam Hilliker (and especially don't create a page on him, as implied by making his name a link, which I would regard as cyberbullying). Your graphic censors your last name but discloses his in full, when he is not a notable person but apparently just a schoolteacher; moreover, being sent to detention for calling a teacher who simply got something backward a liar, might have been about something, and certainly is much less notable to your reader than the tendencies of organizations you ably ridicule. Spıke Ѧ 12:20 15-Jun-13

I changed it. Necessary Evil (talk) 23:33, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

I saw that and was glad you changed it. Unfortunately, I'd recommend that you pull the illustration, on the same grounds. Spıke Ѧ 12:15 24-Jun-13

edit A Returnee

Welcome back. I saw you were first here back in 2005! Those were the wild frontier days! Now we have sanitation and a paved main street. --LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ITRA (Orate) ® 08:09, June 24, 2013 (UTC)

edit User:Necessary Evil/UnNews:Saudi Fuckfest on Hold

With apologies, I gave this a Mercy Move to your userspace for further work.

  • You did not finish the article (photo, dateline, categories).
  • The comedy strategy — the Saudis must be impotent sadists — is more disparaging than funny. Of course the Saudis deserve to be disparaged, but it needs to be done with more cleverness than this in order to be more than mere name-calling.
  • The headline will offend some readers, and in disclosing a point of view, does not look like a news headline. It mars the entire Front Page.

Good luck with it! Spıke Ѧ 14:08 16-Jan-15

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