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The Smugs should STFU

Defender, in case you didn't catch on, the mentioning of REAL names is not what we do around here. Please read the fucking rules before coming in here and starting shit. You are a retard. Defender of THAT shire? What are you kidding me? Is that shire really that indefensible or is it that you just can't take it that my opinion differs from yours? Now you have a little army against me? How four-year-old of you. Congrats on achieving that Ultimate Moron Award! The Assface of All Asshats Trophy and the Can Anyone Be This Fucking Dumb Prize!

Okay, the whole shire isn't a dumb idiot. Just the leaders who haven't quite grown up. Jesus, it's like being in a schoolyard full of insecure twatfaces who've been trapped in some age from long ago...kinda like the Middle Ages, or middle-aged twerps suffering from Axe envy. Maybe? Yeah, sounds about right. Satire does get one killed for insulting the royal highnesses but more often it's that royal highnesses and such will lap up silver-tongued snakes/liars and kick the poor and downtrodden in the face. Good thing for helmets, huh? Please stop wearing your codpieces as face, wait, on you it's probably the right location, chump!

Again, let me point it out so that you can undertand: this site is SATIRE. Stop acting like a goddamn idiot. As the saying goes; They minimize to equalize. I knew ye be minitures!

I have spoken. Have fun flaming and much good it will do you! Mgr. Nacky (talk) 02:30, 29 July 2008 (UTC)

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