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This started out as an attempt at a funny concession speech back in November when it became clear that Squiggle would receive a well earned WotM, but when the end of the month arrived I reread it and it thought that it could easily be mistaken as a bitter rant from an booze-soaked egocentric sophist buffoon (all true, incidentally, except for the bitter part), so I never uploaded it. Now, rewritten, expanded and whatnot it's a thank you speech, and one I never thought I'd be honoured to give. Hopefully it comes across as funny and not a gross case of vanity (I'm still a bit torn; it could be read either way. Or both). If you feel a passage is smarmy or jackasstardly, try to remember that my tongue was firmly in cheek while I was writing this.

Also, if anyone wants their name taken out, I'll pull it (this isn't that page).

...and, yes, I've put way to much thought into this. Keep in mind it's had a few months to germinate in my head (and just be glad that the pattern of speech I adopted for a page which shall not be mentioned didn't sneak its longwindedly way into the speech, or it would have gone nowhere and been three times as long).--Sir Modusoperandi Boinc! 08:32, 1 February 2007 (UTC)

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