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Stfu teller Scanners Finger
Guess "Uncle Dick's Favorite Tune.



edit Color Chart & Gifs (Thanks to Zsingaya)

Link to make my signature coloured Red:

[[{{ns:user}}:Mike Nobody|<span style="color:#9900FF;">Mike Nobody</span>]] <sup>| [[User talk:Mike Nobody|''Talk'']]</sup> ~~~~~

#000000 #FFFFFF #FF00FF #00FF00 #FF0000 #FFFF00 #0000FF #FF6600

Cool GIFS:


Mike Nobody

UHH =/\=
 Mike Nobody =/\=

Hi, I noticed that User:Mike_Nobody/II was linking to Myers-Briggs, as I've just created the page, and I thought you might like to know. I might make a template page for that Myers template, it's quite cool! Bloopy icon Bloopy 12:42, 27 March 2006 (UTC) Update: I made that template. Bloopy icon Bloopy 16:46, 14 April 2006 (UTC)

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