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edit The Early Years

Not much is known about Marial until 1985, when she went on a Safari in Africa. She was supposed to stay for only two weeks and on the tour bus, but due to an unfortunate combination of cannilbism and root canals, she was stranded in a small tribal village, and left for dead by the other tourists.

In a rare stroke of inspiration, Marial decided to become friends with the natives rather than alienate herself from them. Once they got over their hatred of her and her country and accepted her as a friend, Marial lived quite peacefully. She learned their language and culture, their way of life. It was simpler for her than the life she had left behind in America and she was glad for it.

She and the natives lived peacefully together until June 1987. At the age of 107, the chief of the tribe died in his sleep. This even brought a turning point in Marial's life. She was decided to be bad luck, bringing death to tribe, even though the chief was the only one who died during her time in Africa, and since the chief was the only one who actually wanted Marial there, so for the second time in life, this time with a brutal telling-off preceding it, Marial was left for dead.

edit The Rescue and Return

Marial had been stuck in the desert for a week, a friendly tour bus, not unlike the one Marial thrown off of, spotted her and a family of nine disembarked. The family was eager to add another child to their family, so rescued Marial from a posionus-looking-but-really-harmless snake and took her in as their own.

Marial returned with the family to the United States. The family lived in Arizona, a climate not unlike that of what Marial was used to in Africa. Marial spent the next five years adjusting to living in a culture entirely different than the one she had grown accustomed to. It was overwhleming to begin with, but Marial soon grew so comfortable, that her adoptive family decided she could fully join the community and start school.

edit The Education of Marial

Marial started school in the fall of 1993. She went to the same public school for seven years before they finally told her that she was too old and needed to move on. After this she went to a charter school for "gifted" students. She spent four years being tortured there, but made many friends, some of which she has retained until this day.

After four years at that school, they deemed Marial too smart even for the school and told her to start college. Marial heeded their advice and started small, at a community college in Phoenix.

College was a place where Marial fully blossomed into the person she had destined to be since returning to the United States. She made friends, went to parties and went to class on occasion. However, after two and a half years at her community college, they threw her out, too and made her go to a univeristy.

Marial had to start all over again at the University Of Findlay in frozen land of Ohio. Marial hated the cold and wished more than ever that she was back in Africa. However, she vowed to stay with it and live somewhere not cold when she finally finished her "education."

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