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At first, I wouldn't hesistate to say this is an attention whore, but the evidence is very good. The only concrete-evidence there is at Wikipedia. His evidence confirms he created at Wikipedia, but notice how the deletion log confirms it was deleted at 1:09 (UTC) on August 5th and notice how it is created 7 minutes earlier, so unless the Wikipedia article, was to be restored (Which I doubt), we can't prove what time it was created at which means he could've created it after the Uncyclopedia version. Also looking through his contributions, 17 minutes before the article was created, he was editing Uncyclopedia. That means, there was a good chance he was browsing Uncyclopedia for the next 17 minutes before the actual article was created. In which case, he could've plotted this story out, creating evidence at Wikipedia proving he created it at Uncyclopedia. Considering how popular this article is, he could've done this for attention whor. This is certaintly more believable than Lstarnes creating Fisher Price, but still, I am not sure whether to believe this or not, but there is still a good chance he actaully created the article. Just pointing some things out...--Sir Manforman CUN 14:57, 16 August 2007 (UTC)

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