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Hello, and I see nobody ever came to welcome you. You've been busy, and are editing some of the pages and photos and templates. I've been reverting some of your things, like the John Boenher photo, and you added Rich to the USPresidents template which broke the code there, things like that. Have you read the "manual" here (look at a new users talk page, they usually have someone who's come by to give them a list of pages to read if you'd like.) Anyway, welcome, and please ask (someone else) any question you have and I'll try (cold day in hell) to answer them. Enjoy your travels here. Aleister 11:50 5 1 '11

Hi. Please do not mess with the Order of Uncy page. Some things are no-nos here, that's probably one of them. It may likely get you banned if you play on there. How are you enjoying your time here? Aleister 13:51 27-1-'11
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