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You said somewhere you shoukdn't do them because you're a n00b. I disagree. Do them. Now! Pup 05:59 24 Jan '12

Why now? Anyway, I have a collab going at the top of my talk page, "Walk into a bar", if you can come up with some really good and funny and, most importantly, original, walk into a bar joke. You can add one, although it may get huffed. I'm going to have to leave the page up until it gets really good, or else what's the point. If you can help it there (maybe with some math walk into a bar jokes) please do so. Thanks. Aleister 00:27 25-1-'12
Thanks for your addition, which I just deleted. The key word is "original". Like, totally new. I looked your joke up on google or bing or whatever, and it was basically right there, in many versions. Now that we put that aside, your punishment for unoriginality is to come up with an original Walk into a bar joke in 24 hours. Don't do it quick, let your mind work on it, write it down several times and edit it. Do it until you laugh out loud (aka lol). Original. Thanks for your time! And we do need help on the page, so any great stuff you can come up with will be appreciated. Looking forward to your original joke 1:39 25-1-'12
I was a little harsh on you because I thought you were this math genius IP who was going to register as a member and I guess never did, and I thought you were him. Any luck on a walk into a bar joke? Thanks Bro(ny) Aleister 21:15 5-2-'12
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