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All smokers agree that smoking is a lot of determination and willpower. They can be solved by a lack of concentration, irritability and fatigue. Sometimes it can all seem too much to take. Here are some tips to help you get the desire to smoke again, while avoiding as healthy as possible. It starts with the knowledge that their need is nicotine and it is only temporary as it is psychological addiction. Most cravings last for 2 minutes. So if you just take a deep breath and tell yourself to let that happen, the desire to smoke in real life. Deep breathing reduces heart rate and help you to relax effectively. Try to say that the desire to surprise you. Treat it like a child having tantrum. Keep drinking during the day. Sip, especially when the craving strikes. Deep breathing, drinking cold water takes your mind off together, at least for awhile. Exercise is very helpful in relieving anxiety nicotine. More you exercise, sweat and get a cleaner nicotine from your system. Exercise will help you feel controlled and calm the nerves. Safe Cig electronic cigarettes help in such situations. Eating healthy to burn fat to fight the urge. Eat more vegetables and rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid foods packed with sugar and sweets. Sweet foods wreak havoc with their blood sugar levels in addition to symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. One good idea can be njoy electronic cigarettes as well. These cigarettes unlike regular cigarettes come with nicotine control system. This allows you to lower nicotine level day by day. With the help of electronic cigarettes very soon you will be free of nicotine addiction.

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