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Jump to: navigation, search first, I think that the idea is great. I assume that you want all of the articles to have a summer theme? Like beeches, girls, summers, school vacation, summer blockbuesters etc...?

First things first, I REALLY REALLY think that there shouldnt be an exact number of member of the teams. You should probably LET the team members choose themselves. Perhaps between 2 and 5 members (I would be surprised if upto five members ever form a team...though you never know).

Second thing, if you want three articles in total (which is a great idea in my opinion) you might consider having each round last two weeks. Two weeks means youd only have two rounds, which is not a bad idea for the first time you organise a tournamnet. Better to keep it easy and simple the first time and if it works...then you could expand.

If you are up for that...then its up to you how it would work. In any case...youll need to get atleast three teams (which is doable...and we'd be lucky to get more than three teams anyways). So...if there are four teams, would you just remove the team with the lowest total and continue to the next round or just allow the top two teams to continue? Or you could have only two judges and one judge each could select one team to continue to the final. A run off of two teams would keep the spirit of a multi round tournament. Or you could have three judges and the two teams with the top score continue?

I suggest there is no restrictions on the articles or kind of articles that are written..though keeping it a summer theme is a good idea...why not.

Starting on the 1st of August is a good idea. The whole thing will last the month of august.

Let me know here what you think about all of this. We should bang out a new Forum. I like the logo. And we can start advertising the tournament. I think this will be good...cause...thers been a lot of colaborations recently and I think the users will like to compete in teams. It will be fun. --ShabiDOO 16:50, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

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