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Jeysis smiles upon all who leaves a message with rays of golden forgiveness

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“I cant figure out how to add all of those userboxes into one large, colored background template. See this user page for example. Also, is there an easier way to space all the userboxes without spamming the space bar?”
~ Jeysis Christ on Userboxes

I sorted out your userbox problem for you. Basically you just use the wiki formatting to put them into a scrolling box. If you want to change the background colours just change the #FFFFFF to the HTML code that corresponds with that colour. Hope i've been some help :) BonSig.png (Bonner) Icons-flag-gb (Talk) Feb 14, 18:20

Ah.. It looks much better, thank you for your help, I reverse engineered the formt for scrolling lists from it, Thanks. :D JeysisChrist

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