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Thanks for asking me to give some weird ideas for your nice page. I liked it, it's just very light and fun to read. I see the two sections that need some filling out are types of water buffalo and how to dress a water buffalo. The thing that jumped out at me (and I brushed it away and it fell on the floor) is that a water buffalo had by a human needs swimming trunks. Putting swimming trunks on your water buffalo covers up its massive genetalia, so men won't want to fuck it and women won't dream of being fucked by it. And a bathing cap in the shape of the horns would do nicely. As for kinds of water buffalo, you can talk about the two sexes - do you want a man water buffalo or a lady water buffalo. And they have different temperments, so do you want a very mean water buffalo or a really mean water buffalo? And can water buffaloes ever fight real buffaloes, who would win in a buffalo fight? Those are some ideas which came to me and I knocked onto the floor. Aleister 11:26 11-2-'11

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