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Iwillkillyou333 Error

Bad ass smile face Welcome. This my talk page (no shit). Discuss whatever you like but please follow the rules.


  • 1. No saying crap that doesnt make sense.
  • 2. Do not be an ass
  • 3. Be smart, not stupid.
  • 4. If I placed your article on either VFD or QVFD and you get mad and want to say something horrible to me, don't even try. Cause I will likely bitch punch you.

More Serious Rules

  • 5. No vandlism.
  • 6. No flame wars.
  • 7. If your filing a complaint, please keep a calm tone, and refrain from harsh critisim of me.

Violation of these three rules will result in me reporting you to an admin.

Even Serious Rules

  • 8. Hot girls must be topless at all times
  • 9. If you want to whore on my page please ask and don't demand, otherwise not only I will vote against it, i will reply with a very nasty comment.
  • 10 You must NEVER mock Call of Duty: Black Ops or the name of it or anything that has to do with it. Ever.

Now that we tooken care of that, please enjoy!

Blood fuuny cool

Those who dare break the rules.........

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