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edit Please

Bring me coffee or tea. IronLung 04:03, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

edit That vocabulary bit... nothing but great satire. Gotta read the rest of your pieces too. If you want to collaborate on something, drop me a line. -- Style Oranssiviiva Guide 15:15, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

edit A couple of

User:Multiliteralist/The lost play if you want to participate. Also User:Multiliteralist/Internet slang reform this, which is nothing but an idea yet. It probably will be added - at least linked - on Mhaille's collaboration article User:Mhaille/Uncyclopedia:HUMP - so that HUMP, among other things, enforces the legislation. See me in chat one of these days, it's quickest. -- Style Oranssiviiva Guide 05:06, 20 October 2008 (UTC)

edit Thank you for reviewing! :D

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to review my article. I appreciate your views and I think that I shall adopt them as my own. However, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by structure. Do you mean that I could make the article about a certain person? I would appreciate clarification on this suggestion because I am very slow (and for that I apologize, because I really shouldn't be on this site, and I should be the butt of every joke ever instead). Again, thank you! ~// Lunaquois 00:46, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

edit W♥v

07-07-24-andy-rooney-lexus-rx-300 Thank you...
I've always found it to be polite to thank people for the things they have done for you, especially when it is a vote for a fine literary work. People don't say "thank you" that much anymore. Instead, they say "thanks" or "tyvm". That frustrates me, because I don't know what "tyvm" is even supposed to mean.
Thanks for voting.

sirErr.gifsysrq @ 17:14 Nov 28

edit Bore da

Just came by to tell you how much I enjoyed My Visit With Aunt Myfanwy, which is one of the funniest articles I've read in a while. Reminds me uncannily of visits to various family around Llangollen when I was a kid, the missus and I just had a good laugh about it over our morning cigarettes and cans of Skol. Genius! RabbiTechno 09:56, 29 November 2008 (UTC)

You don't know how happy this makes me. I've never had such a holiday myself, haven't even set foot in the country for many years; I was just drawing on the things my siblings and I use to make fun of our Welsh mother. I'm glad it had some resemblance (if slight) to reality! IronLung 13:28, 29 November 2008 (UTC)
Always glad to make someone happy. As Multiliteralist says, it's going to mean very little to anyone other than the Brits - and even they're not going to enjoy it as much as I, being a Welshie, did; hardly any Americans have even heard of Wales. However, that's not a problem at all, it remains a very funny article. RabbiTechno 18:15, 30 November 2008 (UTC)
Who's Wales? sirIgnignokt.gifsysrq @ 18:24 Nov 30
Score ten points. RabbiTechno 18:39, 30 November 2008 (UTC)

edit The auntie bit

is good - I don't see why it needs a Pee Review. The only weakness is that it mostly appeals to Brits. If nothing good appears in the next few days I'll nominate it despite that, since the joke is understandable anyway. -- Style Oranssiviiva Guide 08:45, 30 November 2008 (UTC)

Thanks, I appreciate it. That first review threw me a bit. Guess it was the reviewer and not me. IronLung 09:37, 30 November 2008 (UTC)

edit Seasons Greetings

Keep the "X" in

Santa checks his list to see who's been naughty and who's been nice.

And naughty always makes out better at X-mas

Dame PPsigPPlips.gifGUN PotY WotM 2xPotM 17xVFH VFP Poo PMS •YAP• 18:37, 21 December 2008 (UTC)

edit Tis' The Season

edit Congrats...

...on the featured article! PS, it occurs to me that I somehow neglected to send you season's greetings. Have a late Happy Hanukkah card thingy. Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb kvetch Icon rabbi Contribs Foxicon FOXES 13:42, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

And a Happy New Year to you! Congrats on your feature (which I think I neglected to vote on, for some reason, but I do like it), and here's to many more to come! IronLung 18:59, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

edit Thank you for voting.


Thank you for voting.

Thank you all for voting me your Writer of the Month for December 2008, despite my rather long winded speech half-telling you not to while still being whore enough to accept the award anyways. Enjoy this pretty template styled after my pretty new userpage as your payment, as per our previous agreement. Much love, Sir SysRq (talk) 22:49, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

edit Nnn...just makin' sure...

Hey, man...this is awkward, but, uh...I'm almost done with reviewing that WristWatch article of yours, and I have to make sure there isn't anything I've missed. Is it parodying any particular magazine? I realise if it is I really should have gotten it right away and I'm really sorry, but I promise I'll re-write the whole review if that's the case.

BlueYonder GalaxyIcon - CONTACT

Nah mate, it's just a totally made-up article. Totally originated from seeing the old wristwatch article and thinking "WristWatch: that could be a magazine about wrists!" Average kind of concept, I know. IronLung 10:25, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

edit Thanks for the Review

Thanks alot for this tips on prose. I honestly thought my bad area would be humour but that was a big eye opener. I will fix those things immediately and try to make it longer. How do I replace a crappy page, like scary movie, and put mine in without getting in trouble? Thanks again. --Tagstit 15:09, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

edit Also about reviews

Hi there IronLung, I've seen you do a bunch of good reviews now - thanks for taking the time to help people out, it is much appreciated. If you're interested, you more than meet the requirements to join PEEING - pop over and sign up if you want in! --UU - natter UU Manhole 11:24, Jan 15

edit Hey!

Hey! I feel really stupid for giving someone bad advice. >< But thanks for helping me from further making that mistake. I just figured it was proper to capitilize titles but I looked through a few and found out how wrong I was! But thanks for the congrats on my first VFH! --Tagstit 08:16, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

No worries, better a talk page than a more public place I always say. You jumped in quickly with in-depth reviews and a few good articles, so... good work! IronLung 08:28, 17 January 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for your two votes! And I will try to keep up with the reviews and the articles! --Tagstit 08:36, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

edit Belated thank-you

Sorry, it's been a difficult... two weeks, it appears. I'm sure you were breathlessly waiting for your promised eternal gratitude.

GoldenShower Rejoice, IronLung! You have been entitled to the
Golden Shower Award
For donating high quality material to the Pee Review.

Well, there it is, all shiny and nice. Thanks for the helpful review, I'll be sure to change things around. As an aside, I demand to know why you're not a member of PEEING. They'll make all of your review-based dreams come true, you know. Sig_pic.PNG Unsolicited conversation Extravagant beauty PEEING 22:08, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

edit Amazing

Thanks for your review. I LOVED that idea for the Unbooks. I really think I am going to take that suggestion I just wanted to thank you alot for the wonderful idea. --~SirTagstitVFHNotMPEEINGCPTRotMBFF 06:38, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

No problem! I look forward to a great UnBook! IronLung 07:03, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

edit Award!

Psqui While clearing out the shed, Rabbi Techno found some
old pipes with squirrels in them. As he has no use
for them, he decided to give them away as gifts to
everyone who voted for him in January's
Foolitzer Prize. Cheers, everyone!
Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb kvetch Icon rabbi Contribs Foxicon FOXES 11:17, 5 February 2009 (UTC)

edit Thankies

Elevator-Fun Going Down?

Necropaxx would like to thank you profusely for reading his article and actually liking it enough to vote For.

The picture on the right is exactly what you wouldn't see in an elevator. Sorry. :(

Necropaxx (T) {~} 17:20, Feb 12

edit Private Eye

Thanks for the prompt review and good advice. I didn't realize there was a problem with the mural, it showed on my monitor as ending perfectly with the butt at the bottom flush with the last sentence. I've already made a new one with smaller smokes/farther apart and I'll consult when we're ready to nom. PP wrote some big chunks of this and there's a lot of stuff that's "distilled PP" ideas so it's half hers despite my playing chief editor. We were heading into a full blown novel last week and I tried to steer us back to the short radio version crime-drama. The intro and basic theme is totally "Pat Novak For Hire" and there's some actual metaphors from the old show reworked/modernized and scattered in the script. (seal and bicycle horns was mine all the way) This is thoroughly an homage to old time radio versions of film noir and a repository for the cliche's of said genres without fear of being unoriginal. There was a kind of combination of Pat Novak similies and metaphors with MST3K style cultural references.

I reworked the organ grinder sentence. (That's what I get for listening to too much Old Time Radio, the slang can get heavy in some shows) Also, I used the "establishment code" as integral for the ending but I didn't highlight that fact properly and should have plainly repeated the number while doing so, good catch. Thanks again!--DRStrangesig5 Sherman Fingertalk  13:29, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

No worries, it's a very good article. The score I gave was probably a little low in retrospect, meaning I think you will pass VFH, probably with flying colours. I would be very happy to offer my opinion on your revisions. Good luck! IronLung 19:20, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

edit And now, a bizarre missed call

Not too concerned with hurting Cheevers feelings since I didn't say anything all that bad. His review stunk. He has some good points there are ways to make it better but he didn;t bother to come up with ways to make it better. I've shown the story to people, they laugh because it's crazy. That's the point. it's not for everybody but it's for some people. My review is not beyond criticism but neither is an opinion of my review. Are you're opinions special and beyond criticism? The problem wasn't getting a bad grade it was getting nothing valuable with which to improve the article. It was a bad job of reviewing if you'd like to know why I actually took the time to explain why unlike the review which didn't explain anything. You can keep trying to bother me if you want but i'm very busy. Keep an eye out for updates on all your favorite Rangers!--Shingraham 20:35, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

Fuck, whatever. All Gerrycheevers could have said that he didn't say is to read HTBFANJS, UN:RTFM and Uncyclopedia:How To Get Started Editing ad infinitum, because your article is an irreparable pile of dogs' bollocks. I hope you're not too busy to give them a look. Coincidentally, someone already left all of these links on your talk page right after you joined. Fancy that! IronLung 22:25, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

edit Cheers!

Happy spok This is my happy face

Unlike this monkey you appreciated my article. Nerds all around the world are rejoicing and praising you as their newest Captain. Thank you for voting!

The Force is strong within you.

edit Lungs of Steel

Flower power 4708d8a4838a8
Thanks For Being Groovy!

I am both deeply humbled and appreciative of your vote to promote me to Knight Grand Cross of the Order and shall send the magic van round to your flat with virtual contraband

Seeing a For vote from the Iron Lung has been a continual blessing which I grateful for and hopefully will continue to earn.--DRStrangesig5 Sherman Fingertalk  15:19, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

Happy to be of service, Sir Strange. (Is Knighthood better than Doctorhood?) IronLung 19:50, 1 March 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, I was trippin on that myself and something like Sir Strange PHD sounds too Skullthumper. I guess I'll just stick with my doctorate in the mundane arts and perhaps find a rare moment to say "That's sir to you" as a joke someday.--DRStrangesig5 Sherman Fingertalk  14:54, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

edit Thank you...

(I should preface this message by saying I don't know how to make templates) ...for the NotM vote. I appreciate it.

Also, I hope your condition gets better. You've been in that thing for quite some time now. (I should post-face (?) this message by saying that was a really lame joke)

Anyhoo, thanks.

--Guildensternenstein 04:13, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

No problem. You were worth changing my vote for, which is something I am staunchly against. Also thanks for your concern, I'm planning on changing my username to Respirator any day now. (That, sir, is how to be double-lame. And the word I'm sure you were looking for is post-script.) Keep on keeping on, IronLung 06:07, 2 March 2009 (UTC)
Yes, the "post-face" thing was another lame joke. --Guildensternenstein 01:06, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

edit Thanks for the pee

The Leonard Cohen review you gave was excellent, an example for other reviewers (myself included). It was very helpful. I will try to take some of your thoughts and improve the article. --TPLN 18:57, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Hey thanks! Maybe you would like to vote for me in RotM? Just saying... IronLung 01:19, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

edit A Template of Thanks

A TEMPLATE! Awesome. IronLung 01:19, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

edit Hooray!

Combo I Told Her Thanks For Voting To Feature Private Eye

But she looked at me like I was wearing orange in the St Patrick's Day parade. I wasn't sure if that was fog behind me or if my favorite place for take-out Chinese food had just went up in flames but I knew that I'd better make this quick either way. "You were great, kid" I told her but her facial expression never changed. She kicked off her heels and put on a pair of roller skates but she looked about as comfortable in them as a woodpecker in the petrified forest. She took one last drag off her cigarette, blew the smoke in my face, flicked the butt at my feet and rolled away into the night - leaving me standing there like a wide screen TV on layaway. I took another sniff of the air and now I was sure, Chang's Wok Inn was definitely on fire and it looked like it was going to be another night of hamburger helper and "Juggs" magazine..............................

I can always count on you to read my stuff with more attention than the average bear. Congratulations! You don't have ADD!--DRStrangesig5 Sherman Fingertalk  11:35, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

edit Today is a special day!

It may have started as a little turd, but you helped make it into an award winning pile!  –  FuhQ.gifFuhQ  ZDsig.gifZDsig Sheenicon.gif (ooh!) (aah!) ...·º•ø®@» LEG CUN GUN DUN 08:40, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

edit PLS judging

I'm sending you this because you are signed up to judge the Poo Lit Surprise. If you no longer want to judge or are incapable of doing so, please tell me as soon as possible. If you're still good to go, here are the instructions:

First, read all of the articles in your specified category. Second, judge them. Judge how you like, as long as it's at least fair and based on merit (one suggestion would be to use the Pee Review format). Post your top 5 articles here. Hit me up on my talk page for questions, comments, if these rules are not cognisant within you, or of you don't know what the word "cognisant" means.

Thank you again for your valued participation in the balletic train wreck that is the Poo Lit Surprise! –—Hv (talk) 24/03 20:34

edit Danke schön!

edit Danke schön!

edit Thanks for the vote

Thanks for making me WoTM:)--Sycamore (Talk) 20:15, 1 April 2009 (UTC)

edit March Foolitzer Prize

edit Seriously though....


It's Naked Barbie Time! Times are tough out there but Barbie and all of her friends sure know how to show their appreciation for your generous vote to feature Economic Collapse Barbie
They'll be seeing you in the bathtub later on tonight!

Who goes out of their way to try and entertain you with a thank you template? Me, that's who!--DRStrangesig5 Sherman Fingertalk  12:06, 10 April 2009 (UTC)

edit .


Do you realize that by supporting HowTo:Get Over Jenny, you are supporting insane, demented, homicidal stalkers everywhere? You should be ashamed.

Guard in park

edit More Spam!

edit Thank You!

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