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edit Improvements

I am sad to announce but I will be reverting all your improvement, not out of spite but of love. Dear sir, you fail to understand that this article is created as a satire. If you want a truthful version, go to some other wiki. If you want a respectable one, please turn your sights on wikipedia. Uncyclopedia is all about misinformation. Thank you sir, and have a good day...Hetelllies 22:18, 12 August 2008 (UTC)

edit Firithfenion

Hetellies, I would just like to point out the one who is vandalizing your Uncyclopedia article on Magibon is the same one who is vandalizing ours at ED. A simple WHOIS search revealed that the editor is from Berlin Germany, and that is where Firithfenion is from. Also, he targets you (I as well) on Wikipedia when we question any of the material he has written there, automatically labeling us as trolls. Sadly, he fails to understand that our sites are indeed satire, and not meant to be taken seriously. Furthermore, the extent of his wankery shall now be revealed in that not only is he the author of the MRirian FAQ but is also the founder of her fangroup. He is getting desperate and paranoid and accuses anyone who criticizes Magibon in any miniscule way of being a troll.He also fails to realize that Uncyclopedia/ED are one thing, and Wikipedia is another, meaning that we take our trolling boots off at the door when we go to Wikipedia, and try to make genuine and honest contributions. Please continue with your massive cleanup of his article, it really looks much better than before, as it has been stripped of shoddy information.Arguecat3 13:42, 14 August 2008 (UTC)

UPDATE: Wait...What? Hetellies, it seems Fenion found a way to make a sock of your screen name, and now there are 2 Hetellies on Uncyclopedia.I checked the suspicious account and is was made recently. I then checked my browser history, and came back to your contributions page. Lol Firithfenion is trying to be dodgy about vandalizing. Hey Firithfenion/fake Hetellies, if you didn't have a problem with the Magibon article on this wiki then why do you keep vandalizing it under your IP? I ran the WHOIS, and I know its you. You are more full of fail than previously thought. LOL.Arguecat3 00:05, 15 August 2008 (UTC)
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