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edit Welcome!


Let the licking begin!

Oh hey, FleshEatingDeathMaggots! Welcome to Uncyclopedia.

Here are some links to see if you have the time:

There are more of them, but those three are the most important.

Uncyclopedia is a community wiki, which means anyone can edit it. Once you read those three links above, you could get to work on your first articles. It's best to start by creating them in your userspace, for example: User:FleshEatingDeathMaggots/Insert Title Here. Please remember to follow the guidelines and don't be upset if your article gets deleted. If you are writing an article in mainspace, however, and you are not finished yet, put a {{construction}} template on it.

When on talkpages, please sign your name using the signature button. Or you could type in four tidles (~~~~).

If you need help, ask me on my talk page, ask at the Dump, or ask an administrator on their talk page. Or, if you're really confused, drop into "adopt a noob" and you'll get adopted by one of these fine fellows. If you want anybody blocked or anything deleted, you could post it on QVFD or tell an admin (blanking the page dosen't delete it).

Have fun, and don't be under pressure, because we're all friends here.

--Purple mini lolly Lollipop Purple mini lolly - CONTRIBS - WRITINGS - SHOP - Now adopting! - 03:48, 9 August 2011

edit You signature

Heya, could you be a dear and include a link to your userpage in your signature (if you have any trouble with it, just let me know) so we know who you are and stuff? We're all stalkers h... er, I mean, it simplifies things, that way. Thanks. 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 19:58, 2 September 2011

Thank you. ^^ And such an interesting name... 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 21:42, 2 September 2011

edit Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

You voted for Colorless green ideas sleep furiously on VFH. Maybe now us ideas will be a little less furious.

Thank you! --Pwn head Sir Xam Ralco the Mediocre 11:46, September 4, 2011 (UTC)
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