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edit Genital warts image placement

Now that, I like; it's all about context. --Sir gwax (talk) Signuke 16:20, 27 Dec 2005 (UTC)

k, thanks. will remeber.

edit vanititty

Hi, we've huffed Template:Sux and Category:Sux as they are redundant and vanity. Please just use {{NRV|~~~~~}}. It is ok for non-admin to use it. Honest! --Splaka 06:43, 14 Jan 2006 (UTC)

edit ok

I will try to restrain my extreme vanity by telling people there work has ro redeming value instead of telling them it sux. My bad. Please forgive me :-p
--Electrostatic 12:51, 15 Jan 2006 (UTC)

edit puts()

puts() isn't guaranteed to return 0 on success - it is only guaranteed to return a non-negative value. Besides, it inserts a newline, so \n is redundant. - User:Guest/sig 08:36, 19 January 2006 (UTC)

edit Petty Booka

edit Hmmm, yummy, I rub my tummy!

Pumpkin pie Herr Doktor has awarded you a pumpkin pie!
For voting on Gallows Humor

"With your stamina refilled, time to work!"

-- herr doktor needsAbeam Rocket [scream!] 18:17, 23 May 2007 (UTC)

edit I made this.....


Not sure if it works, but it is more easily recognisable. What do you think? -- Sir Mhaille Icons-flag-gb (talk to me)

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