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{{title|User talk:Penis face}}
{{Title|Here, have a pair of tits.}}
'''Dr. Skullthumper's talkpage,''' now ''cock-free''! {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|22:40 Jul 11, 2009}}
==Untill I arrived==
Now it's got dick everwhere! {{User:Orian57/sig8}} ''<small><span style="color:Green;">22:41 11 July 2009</span></small>''
:You dick.<!-- ha ha predictable joke -->{{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|00:08 Jul 12, 2009}}
::Now there's no need for language like that. {{User:Orian57/sig8}} ''<small><span style="color:Green;">00:31 12 July 2009</span></small>''
== Are you an active admin? ==
Why aren't you on [[UN:AA]]? [[User:Saberwolf116|Saberwolf116]] 16:18, 12 July 2009 (UTC)
:''shhhh!!'' AA is 'admins anonymous', a support group where the admins can get together and discuss their feelings without revealing their identities. {{User:Gerrycheevers/sig}} 12:52, 13 July 2009 (UTC)
== Another question... ==
Should there be a limit on entries for [[UN:MUP]]? There's nearly 70 names already and it could reach 100 fairly soon. While we're on the subject, what do you think of resurrecting the [[User:AcidAmmo/Bios|Uncyclopedia bios list]]? I did [[User:MadMax/list|some work on it]] but since [[User:Acid Ammo]] hasn't been around for awhile, it doesn't look like a rewrite is happening anytime soon. Obviously there needs to be some strict guidelines in place, but I think this could be a really good project. Maybe this could even be a "memorial" of sorts of inactive members? [[User:MadMax|MadMax]] 10:23, 16 July 2009 (UTC)
==UnSignpost: 16th July 2009==
{{User:Flutter/sig2}} ''<span style="font-family:arial; font-size:11px;">18:54, 16 July 2009</span>''
== UnSignpost: July 16nd, 2009 ==
{{Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/16-07-09}} {{User:THEDUDEBOT/sig}} 22:18, 16 July 2009 (UTC)
== UnSignpost: July 23rd, 2009 ==
{{Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/23-07-09}} This edition is on time, and anyone who tells you differently is lying! {{User:THEDUDEBOT/sig}} 19:36, 24 July 2009 (UTC)
== UnSignpost: July 30th, 2009 ==
{{Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/30-07-09}} It's on time, you were just high and didn't realize when it got here! {{User:THEDUDEBOT/sig}} 22:59, 3 August 2009 (UTC)
== UnSignpost! August 9th, 2009!! WE BE LATE, Y'ALL!!! ==
Hand delivered by {{User:Dexter111344/sig}} 21:16, 10 August 2009 (UTC)
==UnSignpost 13th August 2009. It's not late. You are!==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>20:35, Aug 18</small></small>
==UnSignpost 20th August, it's not late, your mom is!==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>11:07, Aug 24</small></small>
==UnSignpost 4th September==
{{ User:Teh_pwnerator/sig}} 16:37, September 4, 2009 (UTC)
==UnSignpost Randomber {{Randnum||0|100}}th==
{{Trans}}, please think of the {{Mad}} {{Noun}}s! {{User:Sockpuppet of an unregistered user/sig4}}<small>''01:31, 7 September 2009 (UTC)''</small>
==UnSignpost September 10/17==
This would've gotten here last week, but it's my firs week as paperboy and I got lost. {{User:Guildensternenstein/sig2}} 23:30, September 22, 2009 (UTC)
== UnSignpost: September 24th, 2009 ==
Hand delivered by {{User:Dexter111344/sig}} 15:57, September 26, 2009 (UTC)
== UnSignpost: October 1st, 2009 ==
Late deliver courtesy of {{User:Dexter111344/sig}} 20:03, October 5, 2009 (UTC)
==UnSignpost Sometime October 2009==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>01:17, Oct 16</small></small>
==UnSignpost <s>22nd</s> 23rd October 2009==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>18:08, Oct 23</small></small>
== query ==
you haven't been around in a while, so i thought i'd pester you about {{u|Fnoodle}} for old time's sake. so...that damn {{u|Fnoodle}} did something which inconvenienced me in some small and easily reversible way! ah, those were the days. {{User:Gerrycheevers/sig}} 07:29, November 1, 2009 (UTC)
==Delete this pic==
You're an admin on this site. Can you please delete this pic from this site? ->File:JUST-DINING-OUT-vomit-1875.jpeg
Thank You.--[[User:Lazer81095|Lazer81095]] 01:34, November 2, 2009 (UTC)
==UnSignpost 29-10-2009==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>01:32, Nov 3</small></small>
Cyberbullying? [[Susie Cummings]] DOES NOT EXIST IN REAL LIFE; it's obviously a FAKE NAME; She is NOT a real person who's feelings can be hurt, and Yes, I'm THAT creative to create an article about unreal persons with false background stories.
Do some background research next time before deleting a page to see if that person exists; "Cyberbullying" isn't even a big of a deal. .......... Prick...
EVEN IF SHE WAS REAL, this is the "Uncyclopedia" for god's sakes. Lighten up, DAMN!
Oh, and you better be able to restore that article or your ass is grass, I'm not wasting another hour of my life writing a new article again, since I've had to rewrite several times because of [[Inept]] admins.
:Yeah yeah. Look, I'm only going by the policies, and the cyberbullying policies on this site have always been strict. I have no proof that the person isn't real, and it was certainly written as though she were. Besides, even if it ''wasn't'' cyberbullying, it was a stub article that completely failed to be [[HTBFANJS|funny]], and it would have been deleted anyway. If you want a second opinion, talk to another admin. {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|06:28 Dec 21, 2009}}
== UnSignpost Delivery! - December something! ==
Late deliver courtesy of {{User:Dexter111344/sig}} 23:38, December 29, 2009 (UTC)
== Thank you ==
Thanks very much for the ban. I enjoyed it very much until the explosive diarrhea started. Cheers! {{User:Zim_ulator/sig}} 21:37, January 2, 2010 (UTC)
:It wasn't me. I was at the mercy of the Uncyclopedian Survivor voters! I'm sorry. =( {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|07:03 Jan 03, 2010}}
::I was amused... don't be sorry, become enlightened. Cheers! {{User:Zim_ulator/sig}} 16:27, January 3, 2010 (UTC)
==UnSignpost January several-days-ago<sup>th</sup>==
I swore I'd never hand-deliver this again. Here it is. --{{User:Under_user/sig3}} <small><font color="navy"><i>09:29, Jan 18</i></font></small>
==UnSignpost 21th January 2009==
Also, it's {{U|MrN9000}}'s mum's 60th birthday!
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>17:32, Jan 21</small></small>
== Semi-official Imperial Colonization ==
For once, a short note from me. I'm apparently now running Imperial Colonization. I plan to open it up for nominations for the next colonization on Sunday, 31 January 2010, so will make an official announcement then. In the meantime, I've made some changes, and would love suggestions (see [[Uncyclopedia:Imperial Colonization]] and [[User:Why do I need to provide this?/Imperial Colonization]]). Thanks for any help you can give me! {{User:Why do I need to provide this?/sig}} 01:51, January 27, 2010 (UTC)
:Um, I don't run, nor have I ever run, Imperial Colonization. I think you have the wrong dude. {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|05:08 Jan 27, 2010}}
::Sorry about that. But what I think I have is a [[User:Thekillerfroggy|certain user]] who has been active in IC who redirected his user page to yours. I basically mass posted that message on every IC member's talk page who's made 3 or more colonizations, so didn't catch the trick. {{User:Why do I need to provide this?/sig}} 05:16, January 27, 2010 (UTC)
:::ohhhh. That explains it! {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|05:19 Jan 27, 2010}}
::::By the way, Howdy! I've seen your name since I started here, but don't know if we've ever met. {{User:Why do I need to provide this?/sig}} 05:23, January 27, 2010 (UTC)
:::::Hello. I'm a bastard. I periodically cause problems around here. I became an admin because somehow I accidentally ended up doing something useful occasionally. I wrote [[Ode to the Monotony of Life|this]], which is everyone's favorite of my writing, and also [[Why?:Do I have a drug dealer on my buddy list?|this]], which is my favorite. Nowadays I reside [ on my own website] writing stupid stories to keep myself entertained. And I'm on IRC sometimes. Yourself? {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|05:27 Jan 27, 2010}}
::::::I've been reading stuff here for a long time, then one day decided to do an edit now and then, so signed up. I got nominated for NotM before I qualified, so quickly wrote [[Sun Bee|something]] so I would. Then when I said, "Say, IC needs to be updated," MrN9000 said "consider yourself the new director." I should learn to keep my mouth shut. I'll check out your site in the next day or two. Right now I'm getting ready to log off. Cheers! {{User:Why do I need to provide this?/sig}} 05:34, January 27, 2010 (UTC)
:::::::You ask a question, you're automatically first in line for volunteers. :) See you around, hopefully. {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|05:35 Jan 27, 2010}}
==UnSignpost 28th January 2010==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>14:52, Jan 28</small></small>
==Oi, Gobshite!==
Have you any comment on your winning of this prestigious award for this week's Signpost awards special we-aren't-running-out-of-ideas-honest issue, or do I go ban {{u|Cajek}} and make something up? --{{User:Under_user/sig3}} <small><font color="navy"><i>14:17, Feb 1</i></font></small>
:As Skullthumper's acting surrogate, I call the award a "facist disgrace" and "move to permanently disbar Mike Socia, that ape from Lighting who made my mole visible to all of the goddamn world watching the ceremony." --{{User:Thekillerfroggy/sig}} 07:54, February 3, 2010 (UTC)
==UnSignpost 4th February 2010==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>15:10, Feb 4</small></small>
==UnSignpost 11th February 2010==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>12:59, Feb 11</small></small>
==UnSignpost 18th February 2010==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>23:33, Feb 18</small></small>
==UnSignpost 25th February 2010 (It's not late your mum is)==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>20:47, Feb 28</small></small>
==UnSignpost 4th March 2010 (your calendar is wrong)==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>00:07, Mar 6</small></small>
==UnSignpost 11th March 2010==
{{Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/11-03-10}} {{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>10:59, Mar 12</small></small>
== Total Idiot Asks Question, Receives Hatchet to Knee ==
Hi, Dr. Skullthumper.
I see the [[One Piece]] page has been locked! I am a fan of this series and respectfully ask to write a new page for it, based upon the draft on my user page.
--[[User:IT&#39;S A LION!|IT&#39;S A LION!]] 16:20, March 16, 2010 (UTC)
:Hi there. DrS is not around at the moment, but I do remember you doing some good things with Narnia a while back so I'm going to trust you on this one and remove the protection. I took a (very) quick look at what's on your user page and it looked a bit random and contained too many of the obvious internet memes which make articles stink so badly. Remove them. We hate them. Other than that... Go for it, but try to make the new article something more sophisticated than your current version on your user page. {{User:MrN9000/sig}} <small><small>16:29, Mar 16</small></small>
::Will do. I already took out the stupid name alterations. I'm trying to do an article that One Piece fans will laugh at.
==UnSignpost 18th March 2010 (on time as always)==
{{User:MrN9001/sig}} <small><small>11:44, Mar 18</small></small>
==UnSignpost 25th March 2010 (hand delivered for added flavour)==
--{{User:ChiefjusticeDS/sig}} 21:51, March 25, 2010 (UTC)
== UnSignpost 1th April 2010 - Always on time ==
{{User:PuppyOnTheRadio/sigsmall}} <small><span style="color:green;">''Friday, 04:43, Apr 2 2010 [[UTC]]''</span></small>
== UnSignpost 4/8/10 - Oh hi Signpost. ==
{{User:Dexter111344/sig}} 19:48, April 8, 2010 (UTC)
== UnSignpost 15/4/10 - Yet another on time delivery. ==
--{{User:ChiefjusticeDS/sig}} 20:22, April 15, 2010 (UTC)
==UnSignpost 1 May==
Brought to you by [[fucking magic]]. {{User:Sockpuppet of an unregistered user/sig4}}<small>''09:46, 1 May 2010''</small>
==Fucking Hell...==
I thought I'd post the reply here in case what I say gets the drama stamp on it rather than discussion. If you want to copy and paste it back there for continuity's sake or something, feel free.
This storming off business would be a lot easier if I didn't keep receiving emails about watchlist updates. Anyway, maybe I did act a little rashly with the comment (I forgot to take a step back for half an hour that I normally do when dramatic circumstances arise). But if you were namechecked as the source of inspiration for a mini-essay about how us vain simpleton users didn't know how to vote properly, you'd be pissed off too. And I know what you'll say (You're taking this too seriously), but I still don't appreciate it all the same. And perhaps I am a simpleton, but I still don't agree with this nihilistic approach you've got to voting. It raises the question of why we bother having a VFH system, or this Top Ten list. It's not supposed to be a top ten list of "nobody cares" because looking at the entire page, people obviously do care. It's supposed to be the "top ten" list of featured articles from that month. That said, I shouldn't have commented that I'd remove my vote if it went over the limit, but again, it wasn't about recognition for the authors, but the differences between the articles.
In reading what you said again, I seem to get the attitude that voting doesn't matter as it's all about humour and not serious. So I'll meet you halfway, and take the attitude that I'll vote how I please for whatever reason (usually if its funny or not), and if people don't like it, then that's their problem cause this isn't a serious website. Is that fine? (not sarcasm, that's actually what I now believe). --{{User:Matfen/sig}} 23:12, May 8, 2010 (UTC)
:I agree wholeheartedly with your final conclusion. That was more-or-less where I was trying to go with it. And the mini-essay wasn't meant to be condescending, although I guess when you start going on about the site you're on it just ends up becoming that way anyway. I just really, really wish that, in general, people would get a better sense of perspective on things. People vote however they want to and they'll ''continue to vote however they want to'', which is precisely what you've just expressed.
:And it works both ways, too. If you vote for something and someone gives you a hard time about it (which you've implied), that's their problem, not yours. Seriously. I hope that never happens to you again, but if it does, ignore them. They've got no right to tell you what your vote is supposed to mean.
:I did ''not'' write the essay about "voting properly", however. The whole point of it is that there is no way to vote properly. The error comes in trying to get ''other'' people to vote "properly" (which typically means to vote using the same standards they're using), or taking voting as a measure of something it isn't. An article that gets a lot of votes might be great, it might be crap. The only thing it means is that it got a lot of votes, nothing more.
:Furthermore, my aim in namedropping you wasn't to make you feel antagonized, but rather to kind of speak to you and say this isn't anything worth getting riled up about one way or another. The whole point was to get everyone to step back in a Zen kinda way. Again, I didn't write what I wrote to convince people to vote for or against anything, it was to clarify that everyone votes differently. I wanted to logically deconstruct the mindset behind what votes "mean", not shoot the messenger.
:Anyway, tl;dr really sorry you got offended, know what you feel like b/c I've left this site in a huff millions of times, any further clarifications required lemme know, hope you stay. {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|00:43 May 09, 2010}}
::You explainz well. I could go on a tl;dr message about how nice you've been to explain these things to me, and as a result how I feel a lot more comfortable now when voting, but instead I thought this picture would suffice.
[[image:Ewok cat.jpg|300px|centre]]
Thnx. --{{User:Matfen/sig}} 21:05, May 9, 2010 (UTC)
==Thanks for the spelling fix, but...==
I kind of liked it that way. I know it sounds weird, but there's sentimental value. You see, when I first made my userpage, I made it in the style of an article I wrote that also had the spelling error. The article was fixed, but I kept the spelling error there on purpose, partly as a reminder of my past humbling mistake, and partly because I'm just a fuckwit. Since it's on my userpage, hopefully you won't take it personally if I just change it back...{{User:Mrthejazz/sig}} 03:51, May 11, 2010 (UTC)
:Yeah, Skully, jeez. Love, {{User:Ethine/sig}}
:I AM SEVERELY OFFENDED {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|05:08 May 11, 2010}}
::Actually, which one is it? Passerby or passersby? Because I've actually had it "corrected" on me both ways. Like, I think I originally had "passerby" and then somebody fixed it to "passersby". And then I think you fixed it back. I need the truth! (sob){{User:Mrthejazz/sig}} 02:29, May 12, 2010 (UTC)
:::Google says [ passersby]. But I honestly have no idea. Just wanted to screw with somebody's userpage. Also your Jack Black article is amazing. {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|10:11 May 12, 2010}}
::::Wow! I'm impressed that so many people like it! (Edit*) I just learned it's up for VFH. Would you please FUCKIN' vote for it? {{User:Mrthejazz/sig}} 02:20, May 16, 2010 (UTC)
== Hey! You! ==
Sorry I was grumpy at you earlier, but now I'm HAPPY because I'm not hungry anymore because I'm eating popcorn because Rob was all "eaaatt" and I was all "*stomach noise*" and I figured you'd highfive me for eating, and then you'd love me again. Love, {{User:Ethine/sig}}
==So I was doing my thing==
And all of a sudden that dicks came over and RAPES my page. And I was all like - HEY!
...And then you came and banned him. And I was all like - YEAH!
WHAT?! HE NEARLY RAPED ME! {{User:Mordillo/sig3}} 19:57, June 1, 2010 (UTC)
:Holy shit. You better get back to doing your thing then. Try not to get raped! {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|20:04 Jun 01, 2010}}
==Inquisitorial justice==
I need help deciding which of these two pages is better
Note; this page is Australian
which is better?
or the original
the reason i changed it was because there was some absolute ass-knuckle who changed it to something not at all funny. Being a noob at the time I killed his and made mine then when I looked through all the edits I say that the first guy's had been good so I humbly beg you the avid uncyclopedian to decided which is better.
noob version;
Awaiting you verdict, that the unholy may be purged lest their zeal diminish.
--[[User:Abie-baby|Abie-baby]] 09:46, June 8, 2010 (UTC)
:This seems more like something that should be a forum topic than for one admin to decide. {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|06:32 Jun 10, 2010}}
== Your twitter account ==
does more to add proof to my belief that social networking sites only reveal deeper levels of the psychotic consciousness (also silly American surname alert). --{{User:Nachlader/sig6}} 22:09, June 8, 2010 (UTC)
:He's crazy. Love, {{User:Ethine/sig}}
:You should actually try talking to him {{User:Dexter111344/Ledsig}}
:Wait wait wait wait. N?! As in... ''n''? {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|06:29 Jun 10, 2010}}
::Oh and also, my surname is Ukrainian. So yeah, suck it. And I've really started to dislike Twitter. I seriously only use it when I'm angry or drunk. In its own way it's kind of an entertaining experiment on myself. {{User:Dr. Skullthumper/sig|06:33 Jun 10, 2010}}
:::Huh, that's what I use Facebook and Uncyclopedia for. --{{User:Nachlader/sig6}} 18:08, June 11, 2010 (UTC)

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