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♥♥♥ I love you. ♥♥♥

The reason for this being that I get to use this new and shiny template to say hi!! Yes, this does indeed mean I lied to you -- you smell and no one loves you. Disney's comment: That's mean. /shotshotshot

Anyways, you look like you could use a buddy. We're all good friends around here, so here's some important stuff to help you out!


If for some reason you you still want to find out more, these will help a bunch!

One more thing! When you do stuff, remember to sign your name using four tildes or just that weird looking sign (Button sig) button at the top of the little edit box thingy. Anyways, I've gotta go practice being a fairy princess. Love, Ethine sig 

Err hi. I inadvertantly saw that you put me down as a certifiable British disease, and I can only say that I am honoured. This is clearly my greatest achievement since I won the Most Improved Player of the Year 1993 for Flackwell Heath Minors FC and I can only thank you again one thousand times over for this great honour that I shall no doubt be telling my future grandchildren about.

I have no idea what pages you have done in your uncyclopediatic career, but I hope they were less pathetic than the utter gash I've put on here over the years

--Billsheppard 01:35, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

Holy crap

Why does this person Love me? =P

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