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edit Stuff for teh newbies


Mr.T pities the fool who doesn't read the Beginner's Guide

If for some reason you you still want to find out more, these will help a bunch!

One more thing! When you do stuff, remember to sign your name using four tildes or just that weird looking sign (Button sig) button at the top of the little edit box thingy. Anyways... I can has cheezburger? --Deranged Lobster 15:34, November 15, 2010 (UTC)


Wasn't me

edit Off-topic rambling

Isn't George Bush just hilarious?How much stupider can he get?He's written a biography! In other news, some idiot has just hired a personal photographer with tax payer's money.

42605175 cameronyouth203300 getty

David Cameron with one of his fellow cabinet ministers

“You know what we need?”
~ Some idiot on what we need more of
~ Captain Obvious on what we need more of
“NO! More pictures of me!”
~ Some idiot on what we need more of
“You all right homies? Doing good, in it”
~ Some idiot on the young people of today
“I should invite him for a repose in my rooms”


Now there is cake



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