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Clemens177 (2008-2008) was an Uncyclopedian who loved his ex-wife very, very much. Unfortunately, he couldn't bring himself to admit it - not even when she tantalized him with articles about the "binkies" he had enjoyed so much during their courtship and cohabitation.

Eventually, to distract himself from persistent and maddening visions of the flesh of his ex-wife's creamy, glistening, sticky thighs, Clemens177 decided to embark on a spiritual mission of ideological purity. He did this by writing many, many instances of observational comedy about political issues du jour, and by hating Jews. And, possibly, by shaving his head, which gave him a look that, if combined with Guildensternenstein's beard, would make him look like someone with Alabaman heritage.

Clemens177 soon began to post diatribes about how a certain Uncyclopedian admin is very, very, very gay. This, in and of itself, was not remarkable, as all Uncyclopedians think that all Uncyclopedian admins are very, very, very gay. Especially RAHB, whose ruminations on his penis are, frankly, the gayest thing anyone has ever seen. No heterosexual could possibly be as obsessed with the male sexual organ as is RAHB. If RAHB were in a Warner Brother's cartoon, every time he looked at a drumstick, that drumstick would morph into an erect cock, and Bugs Bunny would be banned from the airwaves forever.

But there was a key difference between Clemens177's behavior and the inevitable conclusion that RAHB conducts himself in highly homosexual ways: Clemens177 made the mistake of declaring the gayness of Uncyclopedian admins while under the influence of general faggotry. And much like driving a car and drinking alcohol are both singularly acceptable but mutually unacceptable, declaring admins gay and engaging in general faggotry are... a similar thing.

We'll all miss Clemens177 tremendously, except for the fact that we won't. May his virgin anus eternally quiver with the anticipation of the binkies it so desperately misses. In memoriam, Clemens177.

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