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Heh. How in the name of MrN's snowboard are you deciding who's "famous"? For instance, isn't a n00b with a GUN, a {{User Nocajek}} userbox and an in joke of his very own, at least somewhat famous? Particularly when compared to certain under the radar operators? Or should I just pretend I haven't seen this? ;-) --SirU.U.Esq. VFH | GUN | Natter | Uh oh | Pee 15:14, Mar 31

"1st" of all, I thought you were at work?! review mah shit, Mr. Lunchbreak! "2nd" of all, I DECIDE WHO'S FAMOUS! You were around and well-loved by the time I joined the site (along with Skullthumper), so you lose this round. This page is something I thought up during my last pee review: the noobs need help. This page directs them to concrete proof of noobs making good articles. It's for stylistic training as well as encouragement. Thanks for your question, un... under... who are you?   Le Cejak <Mar 31, 2008 [15:20]>
I am at work. Making flippant comments on talk pages takes seconds. Doing a decent review takes longer. Italics. Besides, you can't get a decent, reviewin' strength mug o' tea for love nor money in this place! ;-) I could argue the rest of this, but can't be bothered. However, one thought does occur: first featured articles don't necessarily give that much encouragement - showing how much people have improved by contrasting their first article with their first feature might be worth a thought. (Cromer, in my case - you can see the improvement from there!) --SirU.U.Esq. VFH | GUN | Natter | Uh oh | Pee 15:33, Mar 31
Hello? Can you turn the lights on please? /me bumps into Under User Oh, Sorry Zana, I didn't notice you here. ~Jewriken.GIF 15:37, 31 March 2008 (UTC)
Chronarion? What are you doing here?!?!   Le Cejak <Mar 31, 2008 [15:40]> mordillo! fill out the table, please?
What table?! ~Jewriken.GIF 15:43, 31 March 2008 (UTC)
/me fuddles around for lightswitch, and runs into a table OH JESUS that hurts   Le Cejak <Mar 31, 2008 [15:45]>
Actually, that's exactly how I dislocated my elbow when I was a student. End of true story. Hmm, a spinning Jewish thingy, I know this one - you're Isra, aren't you? --SirU.U.Esq. VFH | GUN | Natter | Uh oh | Pee 15:46, Mar 31
I didn't know Jews were allowed! Since when??   Le Cejak <Mar 31, 2008 [15:48]>
Right, time to argue: "You were around and well-loved by the time I joined the site". Hmm. /me checks contribs. UU's first contrib: July 5th, 2007; Cajek's first: July 2nd, 2007. That's put the kibosh on that one then. Anything else? --SirU.U.Esq. VFH | GUN | Natter | Uh oh | Pee 09:52, Apr 1
Yeah, but you got an award before I did. ...?   Le Cejak <Apr 01, 2008 [14:06]>
And you got GUN before I di.... actually, I'm just not a GUN. And you got 1.5 articles in the 2007 top 10. And basically: stop being modest, Cajek - you're American, it doesn't suit you! ;-) --SirU.U.Esq. VFH | GUN | Natter | Uh oh | Pee 14:22, Apr 1
ah HA! so you DID get an award before me? As for being an American, I know that I'm better than all y'all: I'm just saying that you get all the glory, UU.   Le Cejak <Apr 01, 2008 [14:25]>

Gah. Moneke chucked a goo goo because he co-authored that article (mumble mumble mumble). Would you mind changing it to Uncyclopedia Health Service instead please? --Sir DJ ~ Irreverent Icons-flag-au Noobaward Wotm Unbooks mousepad GUN 13:09, 4 April 2008 (UTC)


Shandon - Ironing

So So - Fire Hydrant

Squiggle - HowTo:Skip School

Todd Lyons - Fecal E. Coli

Are those their first features or their first articles? Also, thanks for coming by, DJ! What was your first article?   Le Cejak <Apr 04, 2008 [13:19]>

Features, also I'm not entirely sure what it was... I think I never finished it :S --Sir DJ ~ Irreverent Icons-flag-au Noobaward Wotm Unbooks mousepad GUN 13:25, 4 April 2008 (UTC)
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