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my uncle Borat held me at the Brit Milah, and taught me Los Angeles colloquial english. Boron the kazakh jew 17:03, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

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this user has developed an immunity to politically motivated slander.

edit make peace, not love

peace, not love is the peace of paper which guarantees the neutrality of the Rhineland.

peace for the 200,000 generals of Dresden was guaranteed with Allied bombers.

peace for the ethnic Poles expelled from german occupied territory


peace for the ethnic Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia

peace is the cessation of the oppression of the occupiers

and the cessation of the growth of settler families.

peace was guaranteed by the Egyptian Bureau of Demographic Affairs

when the sons of Israel were condemned to death by drowning

--- ... ...

edit =

peace is when the rest of the world stop s to hate Jerusalem, and water ceases to destroy the oppressors.

peace is in the ancient days when shlomo ben dovid ha melech in yerushalayim ruled his land in freedom.

edit conclusion

the peoples of the campuses should make peace not love.

war is obsolete, the only purpose for conflict is to preserve and achieve freedom and liberty.

the reign of the king who will rule in righteousness is fast approaching.

aliyah is a commanded method of elevating one's life and future destiny.

with love of israel, Boron Ben Noach - the Nazarene Jew.

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Boron the kazakh jew 18:14, 6 October 2008 (UTC)

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