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edit Maybe (article)

Hey, I just wasted my time posting a quote on one of your lesser articles justly titled: Maybe. Have no f'in idea how i ran into it; just did, and it made me ruminate on Decarte for over an hour. Thanks a bunch! Klavier rulez!

Yeah, well ... thanks. I believe you want to spell it "Descartes", I don't know, maybe you spell it differently over there - like "Aristotle" ( it is spelled Aristoteles in latin) ... m edit, nothings to it. Good job, I suppose.
I know, Maybe needs some improvement - I posted it because Maybe is such a versatile, asshole-phrase, there's a lot you can say with it. BlackInkWriterBlackInk2

edit Austria

Sorry about the whole edit thing. I never realised that the whole pork thing was true. I thought it was another bastard playing with my article.


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