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Don't talk to me! Talk to this dude instead, he seems keen. Just kidding, talk away.

edit Push Th' Little Daisies

Is it possible to get this page locked? Idiots keep vandalising it. --Bh (talk) StarDate 1583.4
What? You're the only idiot here. You're talking to yourself! Go away! --Bh (talk) Day 95, Year 313 of the Dynasty of

edit Perth Page = Awesome

Hey Bass Hound, I'm a total n00b to this so I hope this is the best way to contact you (it's probably not so if you can respond as an edit on this that might be best). I came across your Perth Page today, and I think it's totally awesome - but it could do with a bit of editing/ adding some new shit... It's also been flagged by uncyclopedia as being in need of such - and I really want to help!

Please let me know if you are interested.



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