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edit Welcome!

Hello, Axlman5, and welcome to Uncyclopedia! Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. If not, the door's right over there... no, a little more to your left... yeah. Anyway, here are a few good links for people like you:

If you read anything at all, make it the above three links. If you want to find out more about Uncyclopedia or need more help with something, try these:

I hope you enjoy editing here and being an Uncyclopedian! Please sign your name on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~) or use the "sign" button (Button sig) above the edit box. This will automatically produce your name and the date.

At Uncyclopedia, writing articles is not a requirement, but it certainly is a fun and easy way to express your creativity. To write an article, it's recommended that you start it in your userspace (for example, User:Axlman5/Article about stuff) so you can edit it at your leisure. If you decide to create it in the cold world of mainspace, make sure it is in accordance with the policies laid out above, and if you're not done put the "Work-In-Progress" template - {{construction}} - onto it as well.

If the current colonization doesn't suit your fancy, then browse our rewrite and idea categories. We have lots of articles just sitting around for someone to improve, so don't be afraid - dive right in!

If you need help, ask me on my talk page, ask at the Dump, or ask an administrator on their talk page. Additionally, the Uncyclopedian Adopt-a-Noob program is there to bring experienced editors straight to you. Simply leave a message on an adopter's talkpage to join. Again, welcome!  --Hotadmin4u69 [TALK] 20:09 Apr 25 2010

edit William Lane Craig

I've been working evening patrol and noticed your daily edits to this article but hadn't read it because I didn't know who the guy is. Peeked in today and it is uncommonly good writing. Let me know when you finish and I'll nominate it to run on our main page. Also, I've given you Autopatrolled so your edits are no longer flagged on Special:RecentChanges as possible vandalism. Spıke Ѧ 01:02,02:22 7-May-13

Wow, thanks for making my day! I don't think I'm gonna be adding that much more to it, but its finals week for me (I'm a college student) so I might not have time to add the changes until the end of the week. ( Uncyclopedia is a great procrastination tool!). But thanks for commenting and I'll be sure to let you know.
You have sinned against God and created the upmost blasphomous message to the people of our community. We congratulate you and wish you to join us, heretic, by being burnt alive in hell. Sir ScottPat (talk) White Ensign Scotland Flag 1 Compassrose VFH UnS NotM WotM WotY 15:51, May 14, 2013 (UTC)
I'm not sure this is the proper way to let you know, but I am currently finished with my William Lane Craig article that you wanted to nominate. Let me know if you want me to change anything.

Now nominated. I would have done so earlier, only the last section heading began, "To be continued..." which I've changed. There is extraneous vertical and horizontal spacing all over the place, some of which I've corrected, and I suspect there are more typos, which you can correct even as it's voted on. Thanks again for the contribution! Spıke Ѧ 15:58 14-May-13

I don't know if you check back here, but your Craig article has deservedly become the hit of uncyclopedia. You haven't been here long enough to know the people, but some of the voters are giants of the site who have come back from self-exile to praise the page. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, it was a joy to read. Aleister 23:32 4-6-'13

Thank you! I never expected my article to become such a hit considering the obscurity of the subject. The very first reviewer believed it to be "slutty" so I decided to revise it to ma and this was probably for the better. I'm very familiar with Dr. Craig's work so that's how I was able to make what has been called an "erudite" article. Again, thanks for the complement.--Axlman5

Congrats on running on the main page. An anonymous user has been by; he has corrected some typos in your article, but also in two places took it in new comedy directions you might not have intended. We sometimes edit a Featured Article to keep it up-to-date but generally don't second-guess the author's sense of humor. Separately, Anon takes your "coulrophobic" and puts "(sic)" after it. I do not know what word you intended to write so left this as is.

Still separately, in this section, you have signed with {{User:Axlman5}} instead of a signature file, perhaps imitating the others of us. This is not your signature file and what you are doing is inserting your user page in multiple places in this section. Please fix it! Spıke Ѧ 00:29 11-Jun-13

edit Uncyclopedia:Requested articles award

Thumbs up2

This user created Black Album (Metallica album), an article originally requested on Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles. Good for them us!
(If awarding yourself please update the award statistics)

Better late than never! Anton (talk) 13:13, March 8, 2014 (UTC)

edit Welcome Back

--LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ITRA (Orate) ® 18:33, December 24, 2015 (UTC)

Yes! your new Sam Harris is now advertised as a recent contribution on the website main page. Spıke Radiomicrophone18:54 24-Dec-15

edit Sam Harris

I'm in with small tweaks (See also, Categories, moving {{Wikipedia}} to not stack up beneath the photo but to break up a run of text down below). You are free to post-edit me. Spıke Radiomicrophone02:33 10-Jan-16

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