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edit Blackberry Dumbs or BB Dumbs

Black Berry Dumbs or BB Dumbs are a bunch of potato munching, horribly stupid creatures of planet Chilly Lucazade of the silly way galaxy. BB dumbs eat only potatoes and they have a religion. The god of their stupid religion is "The Wanted". The BB Dumbs shit and piss in open and have no sense of hygiene what so ever. There obsession for potatoes is unexplained and scientists are trying to discover ways to make BB Dumbs eat anything except jacket potatoes and chips. BB dumbs have been named so as they are abhorently dumb. Scientists have said that they have found now brains in BB Dumbs.

edit Threat to world peace

BB Dumbs are dangerous and they should be locked in the toilet and please inform the local fire brigade, police, charity workers, feminists, gay boys, the queen. If you see a BB dumb be very very careful and

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