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edit Equestria Girls

Thanks for actual feedback on VFD; I have trimmed the plot a tiny bit. (The hashish "joke" was ill-advised.) The use of {{Wikipedia}} indicates that it is best enjoyed in comparison to the actual plot.

Regarding the remaining entry in this flurry of nominations, can you suggest new directions for the smallish Barf? The illustrations and Frequently Asked Questions are from before I worked on it, but even the FAQ still strikes me as funny in many different ways. Spıke ¬ 13:30 9-Dec-14

Yeah, it's good, although I don't get the point of the first picture. Sorry, but I don't think I can contribute to it personally due to my tastes (and maybe principals). However, if you need an idea, I think it'll be interesting to look how it's portrayed in movies. For some reason of which I am unaware, it seems like it's becoming one of the essential part of a blockbuster alongside blood and nudity, and not only. You can see plenty of that right now in cinema, even though in many cases (like blood and nudity) it's really unnecessary. Anton (talk) Uncyclopedia United 19:18, December 9, 2014 (UTC)

I don't get the point of the first picture either (It's from a fan-art blogsite) but I sure don't have a better one, so I focused on its caption instead. I was unaware of the emergence of barf in the popular cinema. (I must be watching the wrong movies.) (Is it time for you to archive?) Spıke ¬ 19:31 9-Dec-14

Apparently (but I haven't seen the movie), Pulp Fiction started the trend. And yes, I will archive. Anton (talk) Uncyclopedia United 19:39, December 9, 2014 (UTC)

Your wish is my command! It is now your move. Spıke ¬ 20:18 9-Dec-14

It is still your move, by which I mean replace the initial photo if you have a better idea, and/or vote to save it on VFD. Spıke ¬ 04:19 12-Dec-14

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